Rent a house in the village is cheaper than in the cottage

21.04.2011 00:03
Articles about real estate | Rent a house in the village is cheaper than in the cottage Approximation of the summer season - the most active period in the market-town rental - magazine says in his article "The season is open countryside rent: while the supply exceeds demand, a wide selection, prices still calm."

It is clear that the more choices the better the chance to rent a suitable country house, and while the situation on the side of tenants: offers more than willing to use them, which allows rent suburban real estate at more favorable terms. However, in the coming months the situation could change, and the most interesting in terms of price and quality of the objects quickly leave the market - experts warn.

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In March, the highest demand, according to the company "MIEL-hire", used the cottages cost from $ 1000 to $ 3000 a month - it is 66,5% of total demand, 21% of applications have the cottages on rental rates in the range $ 3000 - 5000, 6 % - from $ 5000 - 10000. For the cheapest segment (up to $ 1000) and most expensive (over $ 10,000) - 3,6% and 2,8% respectively.

You can look after the house is not in an organized cottage, and one of the suburban villages, usually it is cheaper. For example, a brick cottage of 200 square meters. m in the four bedrooms and two bathrooms on a plot 12 hectare village Sofyino 29 km from Moscow to Kiev highway in April, is offered for rent for 70,000 rubles. Brick two-storey cottage area of ??160 sq ft with electric heating, bottled gas, fully furnished, with a section of six hundred square meters in the village Ulitkino (25 km from Moscow Schelkovskoe highway) shall be 45 000 rubles. per month - says the magazine
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