Renaming the real estate market, or how not to get on scams

22.01.2011 09:02
Risk to get into the hands of fraudsters is very high. On what technology is used dishonest realtors and developers, experts told the communication agency "Red Word", which specializes in marketing support real estate market.

Unscrupulous developers are trying all possible ways to convince potential buyers of apartments in that they are OK and the house will certainly be delivered on time. Numerous independent online forums are filled instantly angry reviews of people who already bought an apartment in one way or another ill-fated new building. As a result, after some time in the advertising and marketing materials already included the new name of the same construction site, said Vadim Gorzhankin, CEO of communications agency "Red Word." "This renaming is intended that, gaining new, so to speak, not yet" crap "name in the search box, the new potential buyers wishing to find out more information about the object they had seen in advertisements, will not find all of the negative circulated on the Internet "- says the expert. So it's best to do your personal online check of a property not only in name but also under the construction address, he advises.

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The new name of the non-competitive agency

"It is not always the appearance of a second or third names new construction suggests that the developer cover their tracks. "Sometimes a change of name sin small real estate agencies that implement a particular property, along with solid market players having much more excellent reputation, than the first - says Antonina Ryabov, creative director of communications agency" Red Word "- The thing is that the management of non-competitive real estate agencies operating in the swashbuckling style of 90's, knows that if a potential buyer finds out that this new development is realized not only by them, and several other more well-known and largest real estate agencies, we will certainly buy from reputable competitors. So reliable. Especially the conditions of purchase from the aforementioned solid competitors more profitable. Therefore, a potential buyer is not left to buy from competitors, newly assigned to a new original title, which is gaining in the search box, the buyer will inevitably think that this new building implements only one agency (the same thing from the 90's), and nowhere more so is not seeking and buys from them. "

«Abibas» or zakos "under the well-known real estate agency

Change its name can not only new buildings, but also a real estate agency. The purpose of this renaming - a name as similar as possible to the name of a well-known agency that has an impeccable reputation - says lawyer Oleg Sukhov, a leading lawyer of the First Metropolitan Law Center "- that is, the tax inspection in the manner of such major agencies as" Incom "or" Miel ", registered a company like Incom +" or "Miel 1. Next scammers removed considerable office in the city center for a couple of weeks, and in newspapers and on Internet portals, advertisements for immediate sale apartments at discounted price from a well-known real estate agency. Naturally, the end such sales transactions are not new home "- he says.
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