Regulatory assessment of land will not affect its value

06.04.2011 17:38
Articles about real estate | Regulatory assessment of land will not affect its value As UNIAN correspondent, told reporters today during a roundtable organized by the Institute Gorshenin, deputy chairman of the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine Mykola Kalyuzhny.

According to him, the regulatory assessment of the land will not affect its market value.

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"If the January 1, 2012 opened the market of agricultural land, the land of more than 5-6 thousand UAH. purchased will not be. We will have a great suggestion and not a very big demand for this land. Normative assessment, we will be around 22 thousand UAH. And the market price of 5-6 thousand UAH. ", - Said N. Kalyuzhny.

According to him, first of all increase the regulatory evaluation is necessary to increase the rent for the land. "If a person today gets 300-350 USD. per 1 hectare rent, and after we introduce a normative assessment of land - 700 UAH. I think that most will not run to sell. The main thing - we need to minimize the impact of the introduction of the law on the land market - that people are not rushed to sell the land ", - said Nursultan Kalyuzhny.

According to him, to the State Land Fund was able to buy from farmers wishing to sell their land, it must allocate an additional 5 billion USD. within three years. "To meet the market means you need no more than 5 billion USD. each year. After three years, sales of agricultural land will be 1.2% ", - said N. Kalyuzhny.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the State Agency for Land Resources of Ukraine is counting on the introduction of a doubling of the regulatory monetary valuation of land with a maximum of 1 June 2012.

According Goszemagentstva to date regulatory monetary valuation of agricultural land is 11,9 thousand UAH. per hectare of arable land, the rent for 1 ha of arable land - about 300 USD. At the same time in Europe, 1 ha of agricultural land is estimated at 2-3 thousand euros (in the EU - about 5 thousand euro), and rents for 1 ha of land is about 300 euros.

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