Reformatory Act would make a public hearing on building in more effective

19.01.2011 19:25
Articles about real estate | Reformatory Act would make a public hearing on building in more effective In its comments, the question whether the RBC canceled a public hearing for the project builders of a new reformist law on urban planning, head of the Ukrainian Construction Association (UCA) Leo Partskhaladze stated that "With the introduction of this revolutionary reformer of the law, public hearings on building areas will be more effective. "

Leo Partskhaladze noted that today one does not suit the chaotic urban development, which is possible because the local council, at its discretion decide on the allocation of land and earmarking of construction, and this question, in turn, lobbied by the developers.

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"But these individual decisions, often contrary to the logic and possibilities of development of the city, and do not take into account the interests of the citizens" - said Leo Partskhaladze.

According to Head of UBA, the law established an important principle, which will protect the city from the most chaotic construction, corrupt officials and unscrupulous builders. The law would oblige each city to adopt modern master plans, which will be clearly drawn, the city in its development for decades to come. Innovation will be mandatory zoning areas, indicating purpose, building density, height, architectural appearance, traffic load and environmental requirements, and the free areas and in historic areas will be required propisanie detailed plan for development of the territory (DPT). Developed the general plan and zoningi cities will necessarily be imposed on public discussion and then accepted.

"The adoption of the general plan of the city will be possible only after extensive discussions with the public, which will participate in the decision, the city will develop, where and what objects are in the city will be built", - said Leo Partskhaladze.

The law also is the rate at which in January 2012 in the case, unless approved by the General Plan and zoning, no project will be consistent.

"An important principle is that in 2012 approved and adopted master plan and zoning, subject to public debate, will be available to any citizen of Ukraine in electronic form", - said Leo Partskhaladze.
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