Reducing the size limit deductions developers for infrastructure development prejudicial to the interests of cities

29.10.2008 00:00
Resolution of the Cabinet, reducing the size limits contributions of developers to develop the social and engineering-transport infrastructure, adversely affect the interests gorodov.Takoe opinion was expressed by Minister of Regional Development and Construction Vasiliy Kuybida today during an internet conference in LigaBusinessInform. "According to our ministry in this situation of need or a budget allow cities to prepare engineering and transport network for new construction, or make changes to the already adopted a resolution, as, indeed, harmed the interests of cities, "- he said.

B. Kuybida explained that the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction in cooperation with the Association of Ukrainian cities, associations, uniting the building organizations, to prepare an agreed draft of the Cabinet of Ministers "On limits for the amount of deductions of customers construction of architecture", sent him to agree to central executive authorities, however, adopted a resolution, which requested the Ministry of Finance.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in 2009 lowered the threshold of developers contributions to the development of engineering and transport and social infrastructure for housing from 10% to 2%.

This is stated in the text of the Government Decree № 772 of 27 August this year

Paragraph 2 of the Resolution to amend the decree of the Cabinet № 40 dated January 24, 2007 "On establishing the boundary size of customers that are attracted to the development of engineering and transport infrastructure of human settlements. Under the changes, the size limit of customers who are involved in the development of engineering and transport and social infrastructure, human settlements (including the cost of work provided baseline data on the design) may not exceed 5% (versus 20%) of the cost of building engineering structures for non-residential buildings (except for buildings of cultural and educational institutions, medical and recreational purposes), and 2% (instead of 10%) of the cost of construction of dwelling houses, buildings, cultural institutions and institutions of an educational, medical and recreational purposes.
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