Reconstruction of the «Khrushchev» - one of the most acute problems in the country

29.11.2010 10:42
Articles about real estate | Reconstruction of the «Khrushchev» - one of the most acute problems in the country Minister of Regional Development and Construction Vladimir Yatsuba told about the reforms of the construction industry and how programs are being implemented affordable housing and renovation of dilapidated housing stock, says Case.

Vladimir G., say, so he revived the Market building?

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Already yes. Although at the outset of the crisis situation was critical - in 2009 we lost half the volume of construction. Of course, this was due to objective reasons, but the fault of the state that it is not framed in time his shoulder, and builders are not able to adapt quickly to new conditions, while the economic situation demanded quick adjustment and rapid response.

Fortunately, we managed to stabilize the situation. According to the State Architectural and Construction Inspection, in the period from January to October 2010 were put into operation about 7.4 million square meters. m of housing. We expect that by the end of the year this figure will reach 9.5 million square meters. m

I also want to note that to date in construction projects involving about 60 thousand enterprises and more than 700 thousand people.

You said that builders are not able to adapt quickly to new conditions. What do you mean?

This is a whole range of factors including: lack of people money, reduce mortgage lending to individuals, the need to reconstruct the range of offers in the market - to build more studios and one bedroom apartments, lower the cost of construction at the expense of more affordable technologies, such as frame construction. In addition, dishonest financial schemes, which resorted number of builders, led to the fact that people no longer trust the construction companies.

Only now, builders have to rebuild part of the unfinished facilities with regard to changes in the market - have adapted.

As a result, due to what has succeeded in stabilizing the situation in the construction industry?

The first thing we did - to introduce a temporary instruction for simplified adoption shelter, which helped us to commission more than 36 thousand housing units that are idle for decades. And this is more than 2 million square meters of housing.

What regulatory changes should be expected to market participants?

We plan to improve the whole regulatory framework governing the construction industry. This will allow us to clearly identify both the rights and obligations of all market participants: the relevant government agencies, developers, investors, contractors, etc.

In the near future, we plan at the legislative level to improve the system of obtaining baseline data for design - in one office, it will start construction work at the sites of 1-3 category for a declarative principle and release objects of these categories from the mandatory examination.

To date, there are results in efforts to reduce the number of permits and the negotiation procedures. We have managed to reduce the period of review and issuance of up to 60 instead of 416 days that were required previously, and reduce the number of steps an investor in matters of licensing procedures from 93 to 23, which is more than three times!

But what about objects at particular risk?

Of course, against the backdrop of simplicity, we do not forget about the objects of the 4 th and 5 th category. Toughen the responsibility of designers and builders at the sites of these categories (bridges, tunnels, sites where there is more than 1000 people, including nuclear plants). For such objects remains a state examination. According to him, we are strengthening the responsibility of builders, designers and experts.

What happens with the program for affordable housing?

It is being implemented. According to government regulation, this year for the program is planned to allocate 334 million UAH. This program includes purchase of housing with a 30% discount for those who stand in the queue. The first tranche before the end of the year will be mastered.

In order to implement this program, the ministry has identified 119 facilities that may participate in the program of affordable housing, and for their completion to 1,4 billion UAH.

Got there in the list items in the Dnipropetrovsk region?

From the Dnepropetrovsk region includes four residential homes. Three houses on the 110 apartments in Dnepropetrovsk and a house on the 110 apartments in Novomoskovsk.

What is the sum of 334 mln. already been mastered?

On account of the Ministry has received 100 million USD. It seemed that on a national scale the amount is small, but she mastered slowly. It is understandable why - people do not have sufficient financial resources, loans do not give money or give a very large percentage. On the other hand, all the stakeholders in the housing market waiting for: one - to sell more expensive, while others, then there are buyers - to buy cheaper. The market is also for this reason.

But the program is available Zhitlo "actively implemented in other areas. In particular, free allocated 2.5 hectares of land in all regions of Ukraine for construction of this program. Another area that we pay attention to - the development of new technologies in construction. This is especially true of frame construction, using energy-saving technologies and materials. Domestic manufacturers provide 80% of Ukrainian market of tile extruded polystyrene (Styrofoam).

For example we are now engaged in finding an investor who has to build a manufacturing plant - RSD. This water-resistant outer panel used for the construction of exterior walls. From this I conclude: we have all the opportunities for low-cost housing - up to 3 ths. per 1 sq. km. m. and erect a shelter very quickly - within two months.

What role can be assigned to public-private partnership?

International experience shows that cooperation between the public and the private sector, which in practice takes the form of public-private partnership, is a highly effective way of developing and managing the various objects of public infrastructure.

Infrastructure projects, financed from private sources, provide an opportunity to reduce the amount of state funds allocated for infrastructure development and operation. They also allow the transfer to the private sector a number of risks which otherwise would have remained on the side of the state.

What actions are being taken for the reconstruction of dilapidated housing stock in Dnepropetrovsk?

From about 6 thousand houses in the river, which are on the balance of the city authorities, nearly 1 thousand are considered to be dilapidated and hazardous. In addition, almost half of Dnipropetrovsk live in homes that do not meet modern requirements.

This is a pre-revolutionary "ekaterininki, dvuhetazhki war," Khrushchev, "some" stalinok. Reconstruction of dilapidated housing stock - "Khrushchev" - one of the most pressing issues facing the country. I will promote this project as a component of the construction issues in general.

But this issue should come in more detail, to make the whole program to adjust the legal framework. Part of this project will be spelled out in the future Town Planning Code, which is now under consideration by the Cabinet. By the way, here Dnipropetrovs'k could be the first in this program, especially since the question: "Khrushchev" in the Dnipropetrovsk is very acute.

In Ukraine there is sufficient capacity for production of building materials used in construction of energy-efficient, fast, cheap termodomov.

Virtually all domestic manufacturers address the needs of the Ukrainian market in plaster, dry mix, aerated concrete, basalt fiber insulation. In 2009 he was commissioned by a powerful industrial potential Ozeryansky plant in the Kiev region, thus overcoming dependence on imports of porous ceramic blocks. Completely closed the problem with the presence in Ukraine building materials. For example, there are 15 factories producing basalt insulation.
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