Recommendations of the citizens when buying and selling a property

05.09.2010 00:10
B of this article, I would like to give some recommendations and advice to my fellow countrymen for the sale and purchase of real estate.<br /><br />Advice to sellers:<br />• urgently requires for showing the apartment from the representative of the estate agency phone number, address of the office agency. Be sure to call back, check.<br />• strongly recommended to sign a contract with the agency of real estate for sale by its object. Because, after signing the agreement referred to senior agency legally responsible for your item and the buyer.<br />• at this carefully read the contract information services. Puzzling for items you ask for clarification.<br />• registration of contracts of deposit issued only in the office of the agency in the presence of the director, but in no case in apartments and other places.<br />• In no case do not sell your item through private intermediaries, since they have no legal right to engage in this activity. Otherwise you are risking losing their property and cash.<br />• if the transaction check cash on their authenticity necessarily in the bank.<br />• a notary when signing the purchase agreement, make sure that you have transferred funds, and then sign the contract.<br /><br />Buying Advice:<br />• before you buy property find out who owns the (apartment), the presence in the apartment, the presence of minors, etc.<br />• if the minor is the owner of the apartment, then the sale of the object is carried out only with a resolution of the board of trustees.<br />• extract the seller should be sure to place prior to the date of the transaction at the notary<br />• Real Estate Agency is obliged to prepare all the documents for sale, namely, to submit all inquiries about the absence of debt, etc.<br />• checking of money in the bank do not forget to keep a copy of a certificate from the bank in order to avoid false accusations about the transfer of your counterfeit money.<br />• after the sale will necessarily require a receipt from the seller confirming the transfer of the actual amount of money.<br />• Do not tighten with the conveyance of property in the BTI and utilities.<br />Buy or sell your property only through a well-established real estate agency. This is only the small portion of the material that you need to know every person in order to successfully complete the purchase or sale of the property.<br /><br />Forest Sergey<br />Zhitomir Info<br />
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