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06.03.2011 08:00
Apartments for rent has many advantages as opposed to a hotel room or rent.

Rent an apartment will be much cheaper than a hotel room. One of the benefits of serviced apartments - this is the kitchen, which is not the hotel room. Tenant has more freedom than living in a hotel, where after midnight ban lead outsiders. Cheaper and easier to pay for a few days a month in advance, it is this require owners who rent out their apartments. The owner, who rents an apartment for several days provides clean accommodation with all modern conveniences: television, washing machine, fridge, bed linen, bed, furniture, dishes, etc. Renting a flat monthly basis, you're unlikely to get a set of amenities.

If you rent an apartment has a single negative - must be the owner of an apartment in a pledge to leave the document ID (passport, law, military ID, etc.).

In order for the landlord did not "cheated" with the money and do not harm the apartment, and with the lodgers did not work so that they are not settled in another apartment, and one and the second should follow the normal rules.

A couple of tips to owners:
- It should be well versed in people that during the first minutes of communication to understand whether a person inspires confidence;

- Persons aged under 20 should not take the apartment. Typically, young people going to a big company, and the influence of alcohol causing material damage to the apartment;

- It is desirable to make an inventory of property under signature tenant. Take a prepayment for the entire stay;

- Take an identity document;

- Keys should be taken directly to the apartment to check the condition of the apartment;

If the person is going to live for more than two weeks, a covenant with him. The contract must contain the following items: the apartment (address) will be accommodated by those who are listed in the contract (name). The client will return the apartment in its original form. Otherwise, the client must reimburse the broken thing.

It is also worth to agree whether the owner go and see the apartment during her delivery and at what particular time.

A few tips tenants:

- Be sure to check the passport owner. Check the documentation for the apartment (certificate of state registration). It is to be completely sure that the landlord rents his apartment to rent;

- When a person rents another's house, must be a sublease agreement, certified by a notary. The treaty must be pointed out that the rightful owners agree that their friend or relative has passed their apartment to rent. In this case, be sure to check passport trustee.

Demand for rental apartments for rent is large among visitors and residents. It is this business may eventually become a serious competitor cheap urban hotels.
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