Realty market flooded nonprofessionals

07.10.2010 12:28
Cancel licensing real estate activities in 2002 and the absence of legislative base for controlling this type of activity has led to the market filled with non-professional actors.

Vice-President of the Russian Guild of Realtors Constantine Aprelev, speaking at a forum of real estate-2010, said that today, anyone, even with incomplete secondary education, can call themselves a realtor. "It`s scary, because the expert who gets into the hands of a document on the right of property, prepares the transaction must have the necessary knowledge, since it is socially important process," - says Aprelev.

In his opinion, in today`s reality most people go to chat in this area for a quick profit, with no moral and ethical values, not moral, not having the skills and qualifications.

After the abolition of licensing, says Aprelev, established a system of certification of real estate services, defined quality standards, which today can hope that the certified companies which are members of professional communities do provide quality services to the consumer.

"We hold the view that market access should be through transparent requirements for professional development through a two-tier system of access. All of our educational system is standardized, with 38 accredited centers," - he explains.

Real Estate activity has a clear territorial principle, therefore, regional professional associations are required to control and business companies, and the level of qualification. Today, the oversight of this activity is absent. To move to the territorial control in regional associations to be established certification bodies. In addition, you must create a mandatory register of all qualified specialists on the market.

As to the question the need for a law on real estate activities, it believes Aprelev, legislative situation may develop in three directions. "The first - an evolution - he says. - If it is decided by law restricting access to the profession, we will continue to develop evolutionarily that the certification system, which exists in Russia today. The advantages here include independence from the state system, the shortcomings - the duration of development.

Nowadays in Russia only 850 entities of the two thousand members of the Russian Guild of Realtors have been certified. Also do not forget about the company, their order of 2-3 thousand, who today are not integrated into the professional community. The second way - a revolution. When the transition to a restriction of access profession will be based on membership in the SRO. The advantages of this format - can be a flexible approach in the standardization of services to professional market participants. Drawback - the complexity of decision procedures for self-regulation.

The very process of self-regulation in principle, can not understand, he came down today to receive the admission ticket to the market and how this activity will be monitored by the SROs, many do not present ", - says Aprelev. The third way - a return to licensing. This is not the worst scenario that could be, but it is inefficient. The old licensing system must be upgraded. "

A role in the development of the real estate market are relationships with developers of Realtors. "It is very important interaction with other professional participants of the market.

Common interest generates a multiplier capabilities. Today`s market - a market of consumers. And in order to survive, everybody needs to create effective tools that take into account the interests of consumers ", - concluded Constantine Aprelev.
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