Realtors were «portrait «of the mortgage apartment

11.02.2011 07:40
Articles about real estate | Realtors were «portrait «of the mortgage apartment Experts Miel Brokerage analyzed mortgage transactions that were carried out with the company in 2010 - the beginning of 2011 in Moscow. The study was drawn portrait of a typical mortgage the apartment.

According to analysts, a typical urban housing, which is purchased through a bank loan, is a flat area of 52-54 square meters (Kitchen 8-10 meters) in the panel house (at least in a monolith-brick).

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According to the survey, the average loan amount to purchase apartment in Moscow is 3.29 million rubles. The minimum initial contribution of most banks is set at 20 per cent of the value of the acquired property. Some banks, for a special partnership conditions, offer 10-15 percent of the value of collateral. Borrowers are usually interested in ruble loans with a fixed rate. Currency credits to date is given no more than 6-8 percent of the total issued loans.

The average cost of a mortgage apartments apartments reaches 6.12 million rubles. According to Miel Brokerage house at that price are sold in all districts of Moscow. The highest number of apartments are concentrated in the eastern district, the smallest in the Central.

Experts note that the bulk of mortgage loans taken for the improvement of living conditions (alternative transaction). In such cases, funds from the sale of existing housing is used as a down payment, and credit is required surcharge. Beginning in July 2010, the share of credit funds in the total cost of apartments on the order of 53-56 percent.

In early 2010, analysts reported that the average amount of mortgage loan in Moscow amounted to 3,6-3,7 million rubles, and the size of the down payment - 30 percent. Price mortgage apartment reached an average of 7,2-7,5 million rubles.

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