Realtor knows 100 ways how to cheat client!

30.09.2010 16:50
September - the hottest month in the capital market rental housing. Flocking from across the country, students and returning from leave Muscovites are looking for an apartment, the proposal is reduced and prices rise. The best hay for Realtors. Co-owner of one of Moscow`s real estate agents Alex M., who asked not really call him names ("I still live and work in this world"), agreed to tell the "KP" on how Realtors make a fool of its customers.

"99% of ads in newspapers - Deception

Rent an apartment without a realtor in Moscow is practically impossible. If only an acquaintance and 99 percent of ads in the newspaper "Hand in Hand" or website (main portal Moscow rented property) are set by realtors. And let`s not delude ourselves that under ads different numbers: for example, only for me - the five phones.


This pro-realtor knows how to deceive any client. But the nerves themselves realtors work is reflected very strongly. When you can not do the job cleanly, have had to make snide tricks, and behind it will sooner or later pay the price.

We were at the agency when the agent and hit irate customers, and from the balcony on the second floor of a guy jumping - tried to escape from an angry landlord. We say: if the realtor never got over his face, it`s a bad realtor.

"They do not realize that there are no superkvartir for 3 penny"

Techniques mass. It is necessary, for example, I rent an apartment average for 25 thousand. If you just hang advertisements about her, she may limply hung for a week. But no one needs, and creates excitement. Along with this apartment, I hung out the announcement of five or six in the surrounding streets for 22 - 23 000 plus about one of superevroremontom and all the cakes for 20 thousand.

People start calling like crazy! They do not realize that over 20,000 of no one with a European style does not pass, but I somehow just that need. Lying to them recklessly, that those apartments have either surrendered or "not prozvanivaetsya" master, or something else, but there is such a flat at 25,000. And people go to watch!

But it is still considered honest work. Many come harder. They invite customers to watch "superkvartiru for a penny, but when they were already standing at the door, call-back to them, they say, that all fell through, and called on the address. And people had already arrived, spent the time! Almost no one refuses.


If you really need, I`m almost any apartment can pass for a day. For example, to arrange "casting". Causes for the same time, twenty people, but not in one place, and "snare" to the neighboring streets - just say the wrong address. And in turn on the phone to invite to your apartment. You lie at the same time that you want: a house that was wrong, that late, that the owner does not open, but do not give them

leave. But doing so that incoming clients to see coming, and you push on them: behold, people came out, the money went, is now intercepted by a flat, settle faster. Survive under such pressure from hard.

"Client of the apartment does not produce!"

Competition among realtors is now very large. Comes to the comedic. Boss turns to several agencies at once. You hang in advertising an apartment for Fair 25000, immediately her to get his client, another agency makes a 23, the following - for 22, one more thing - for 20.

And then they say who came to the view that the owner changed his mind and raised the price. Today saw the way a four-room apartment on Okhotny row, exposed for 150 thousand, "omitted" to 115. Here`s the master was surprised when customers come to him with such expectations.


To "knock off tail" of competitors, a lot of tricks. For example, you come to a landlord who has filed a request to several agencies, with fellow real estate agent and say you brought the client.

He admires the apartment and screams that only about her and dreamed tomorrow sure it will lift. And gives pledge a thousand rubles. The owner says all the other agencies that all have passed, and you quietly catching up to the apartment customers.

The next day we had to sign a contract with the landlord and tell him something: that the client changed his mind, had an accident, has died, but do not get upset, you are dealing with a professional, we have already picked a replacement, here are people. As a rule, one can pick up even then that the collateral thousand.


Rule of thumb: the client, who flashed in the eyes of at least a spark of interest, can not be let out of the apartment. At least a thousand rubles a pledge, but we need to escape from there. Agent - the same gypsy. He grinds the language on the machine, mesmerizing, almost in a trance enters the customer.

One woman gave five thousand mortgage for an apartment, went outside and realized that she does not want to live here. Call us - do not want to return the collateral. "No, - I answered - you have the same one for the language is not pulled, the gun is not held at the temple."

In one case, in one apartment led Indians. The owner yells: "You are what I consider even the Indians do not want as tenants!" Agent picked up and locked in the bathroom, in response to shouted: "Do not get out of here before the contract do not sign! Shove me under the door of the passport, I`ll be there to fill a contract! "The funny thing is that those Indians he was in the apartment yet settled.

"The agency needs a lie detector"

In this business, is not protected at all none. Agent through time fooling their clients. You brought them into the apartment, do the work, and they strive to negotiate directly with the owner and hold down the agreed commission. Some notes from the phone to leave the furniture, some in a brazen business cards shoved his master, and some openly send an agent into three letters. And nothing could be done, to put pressure on the conscience of these people is useless.

But his agent`s office for throwing a sweet soul. At least fifty percent of the transactions with the readout of flats - "leftist". That is, the agent helps to rent an apartment, but the office said that the deal fell through. Money - and that is not less than 20 thousand! - In his pocket.


To deal with "leftists" is impossible. First, the realtors in the firm not registered, it`s offices unprofitable. Secondly, well, kicked him, he`ll go somewhere else. Staff turnover in agencies colossal. I have a take a pledge of any document: I have a table lies a pile of military tickets, passports, and others.

To prevent "kidka, sitting in the office and think: so, at which time they must meet with a client, now go into the apartment, now sign the contract - and is constantly calling the agent, then the client is trying to control.

Some agencies give out cell phones, the movement of which can be monitored. And in one large - all bought the lie detector! And every month, sold about him all the staff. Both directly and ask: "Levachev?" But the big money, the temptation for people very much, so that nothing can be done.


If spinning as it should, you can earn very well. A good agent, who injected 24 hours a day, earns today 120 - 150 000 per month. Gorgeous and lucky can do 200,000. Not yet fulfilled the plan, you get 40 percent of the transaction. Run - your everything 70 percent. Plan - 50,000 a month, it`s a little bit.

But how long such loads, and such work with people one does not stand up. More than two years, people in our industry do not live. Or go somewhere or ruin oneself by drink. In my office, half of young children - alcoholics. Conduct the transaction and for two days - a binge.

Without falling!

Agent need only one: that the client liked the apartment and it took it as quickly as possible. For this purpose, a realtor, there are many seemingly simple but effective techniques.

"Eye View"

Typically, when you view the apartment at night is easier to hide flaws. Electric light conceals flaws. And really understand what the view from the window, and completely impossible.

"Cosy smell"

Everyone knows that the smell of fresh coffee offers people a positive way. Some specially brewed coffee in the empty kitchen to work on clients.

"Contrast shower"

To intimidate a client, his first lead in a completely "dead" flat, has experienced Napoleonic invasion. And then the contrast is already mediocre housing seems these mansions.

"It seems to be off"

People love discounts. One of the tricks - give money, without sacrificing anything. For example, hesitant clients are encouraged to "break a pledge," that is to pay equal monthly cost of renting the amount of collateral rather than immediately behind two payments. It seems to be the sum of payment for an apartment fell, but the money the client has not won anything.
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