Realities of the insurance market

22.10.2010 12:54
Articles about real estate | Realities of the insurance market Among the most popular types of insurance on the property market is insurance of the object itself: the fear of apartments, residential and non-residential premises. Protect property from fire and smoke, gas explosion, natural disasters, floods in the accident utility systems, etc. Protect insurance policies and the illegal actions of third parties: vandalism, theft, robbery, intentional destruction or damage to property.

Quite claimed property insurance against the risk of falling manned aircraft and their parts, fragments or cargo, as well as structural elements or fragments of buildings and trees.

Today the attitude of our citizens to insure real estate is changing, and if a couple of years ago they were afraid or unwilling to "light" amount of the transaction, but now the situation becomes clearer. Man it is important not so much to hide from taxes, how much to save their property. In this case, a whole segment of the residential property insurance in the population continues to sink.

First of all policyholders in the real estate contract with the UK should pay attention to the contract clause "Procedure and conditions for insurance reimbursement." You need to carefully study the list (package) the documents required to obtain insurance.

Also pay attention to the period during which the insurer undertakes to indemnify, and the reasons for which a payment you can refuse.

Competition in the market of property insurance in Ukraine makes the insurance companies to lower prices for insurance policies. Rates for property insurance business clients this year have fallen to 20-30% of individuals - by 30-40%.

In 2010, the market average standard rate for property insurance options for individuals is 0,2-0,3%.
Natalia Hudyma League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine President

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