"RealEkspo" held three important events in the real estate market in Ukraine

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Биснес-встреча 24 февраля . РеалЭкспо

February 24, 2011 consulting company RealEkspo "held once three important event for the real estate market: a business meeting on the residential and suburban real estate, the Fifth All-Ukrainian Independent Competition" cottage town-2010 ", an independent third-Ukrainian contest" SHELTER-2010 with the support Committee on Construction, Urban Development, Housing and Regional Policy ASE Minregionstroya Ukraine, the Land Union of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Construction Association, the Association of Realtors of Ukraine.

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Наталья Пронина
Director of marketing and research at Knight Frank Natalia Pronin told about the situation in the residential property market in Kiev, as of today, we define the vectors of development and make predictions.

According to her, "The main difference between today's primary residential real estate market from a previous crisis, and prosperous years, it's completely different dynamics of development of all its segments - the economy, business and elite classes of housing. In 2010, there has been a unique situation - one class showed a slow but sure recovery and the other - stagnation, and the third - the correction in prices. In terms of sales and price indicators showed the most dynamic segment of a healthy business class. In Economy class continues to stagnate, and in the elite segment although prices are slightly, but reduced.

Виктор Коваленко, директор компании
Victor Kovalenko, the director of consulting company "RealEkspo, head of the portal Zagorodna.com spoke in detail about the situation, trends and forecasts in the market of new buildings and suburban cottage towns of Ukraine.

Market Overview suburban newly Ukraine held company RealEkspo "on the basis of information-analytical portal of country and overseas real estate www. zagorodna.com, suggests overcoming kriziza in a segment of the country real estate.

According to the director Victor Kovalenko, "as at 24 February 2011 championship on the number of new buildings takes Crimea with 184 buildings.
Second place confidently takes Kyiv region with 133 new buildings, compared with 108 new buildings at the beginning of the year. An increase of 23.14% (25 buildings).
Third place in the Lviv region - 18 new buildings, compared with 14 new buildings at the beginning of the year (28.57%).

At an average cost per square meter lead Crimea 1701 (1821) dollars., And closes the list of Chernihiv region to $ 400 per "square".

By the number of newly liderstov in the Crimea. According to Victor Kovalenko, "as of February 24 of the 184 newly Crimea 40.21% (74 objects) located on the territory of Yalta City Council, including the Yalta Gurzuf Simeiz Koreiz, Livadia, Gaspra, Massandra etc.
Second place among the regions of Crimea on the number of new buildings at Sevastopol: 34 buildings.
Third place - in Alushta city council - 23 new buildings, including Alushta, Partenit, Maly Mayak, cypress, and others. "

As regards new buildings, Kiev region, here in the course of 2010, there were 25 new objects, most of which povilos in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area.
According to the director Victor Kovalenko, "as at February 24, 2011 34 objects are located in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area (excluding the 26 new buildings in Irpen and 8 in Bucha), for a total of 68 sites (51.12%).

It should be noted on the market Irpin large number of new buildings. In January 2010, the market there were 16 new buildings, and in February of their number to 26 sites (an increase of 62,5%). It is this healthy competition among builders Irpin led to a decrease in the cost of housing in new buildings and, in turn, the thread wishing to acquire housing in the near suburbs.

Third place among the districts in Boryspil district (25 buildings) = 18.89%

Consulting Company RealEkspo "(Kiev) has analyzed the market of cottage townships of Ukraine in the context of regional centers.

According to the director Victor Kovalenko, the price situation by region has changed dramatically compared to the beginning of the year. A total database of country real estate portal www.zagorodna.com at 2.24 in 2011 has 577 towns, compared with 538 campuses in early 2010. Increase of 39 town. Of the total 177 villages were built and put into operation (30.67%), 228 (40,0%), towns built and 165 (28.94%) villages were under the "project". Of 393 being built or planned towns, in 131 the town of construction of the "frozen", which is 33.33%.. "

As told Victor Kovalenko, the number of cottage townships championship in the Kiev region -266 towns, second place in the Crimean region (89 villages), third place in Odessa Oblast (75 towns). "

As for the cost of 1 square. m in the cottage of Ukraine, the minimum cost is $ 220 in Rivne region, and a maximum of $ -10,000 in the exclusive town of "Black Sea" in the Crimea.

According to statistics portal www.zagorodna.com, the average cost of 1 square meter in the cottage of Ukraine as of February 24, 2011 amounts to U.S. $ 1,284 compared with 1,524 dollars in January 2010. Drop since the beginning of the year was 15.75%.

Director of RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko, stated:" reducing the number of frozen objects suggests the revival of suburban real estate market and the gradual exit from the crisis in the Kiev region. "

As of February 24, 2010 according to the company "RealEkspo and database portal www.zagorodna.com suburban real estate in the Kiev region, there are 266 cottage town: 89 projected, 90 under construction, 84 built, 17 small towns more than in the beginning of the year , which corresponds to 6,82%.

There was a project: it's small towns and suburban cooperatives offering plots of land as a contract, and without a contract.
In 74 towns, construction of a "frozen", 8 towns smaller than at the beginning of the year.

For players in the country real estate company RealEkspo "offer exclusive service to attract buyers of suburban property.
If you or your friends choose a vacation home, a new building in the suburb invite you free to take part in a "cottage-tours" of cottage townships, and new buildings of Kyiv region.
"Holiday Tour" - a tour of the best cities of Kiev and cottage area, which helps to choose a country house in the system LIFE-SHOW.

The program cottage tour includes travel, live tour of the campus, showing the demonstration homes, individual consultations by specialists, a full calculation of the value of homes and land for each participant, a picnic in the fresh air, and more.
LIFE SHOW - the opportunity to live as a family one day in your chosen cottage area, assess its strengths and take advantage of infrastructure.

Site zagorodna.com. will be posted an application for participation in the cottage, cottage tours and schedule tours of area of the Kiev region.

Next held debriefing and award ceremony of the Third All-Ukrainian contest of the independent "housing-2010" and the Fifth All-Ukrainian contest of the independent "Cottage town-2010.

According to contest organizer, Victor Kovalenko, to participate in the contest "Housing-2-10," admitted 9 construction companies in Ukraine in Kiev, Donetsk, Kiev region, Sevastopol. It's 2 new buildings, in which only the construction of nachos, 3 built new buildings and a company-builder.

The winner in the Best apartment complex of Ukraine was recognized as a residential complex "Novopecherskie Limes.

The contest "The cottage village -2010" admitted 10 builders and developers from Kiev, Kiev Oblast, Luhansk and Odessa regions.
Among the participants of a projected town, 5 boroughs, which is under construction and 4 built campus.

Winner in the category "Best cottage Ukraine recognized cottage" Solar Valley ".

Victor Kovalenko
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