Real Estate. Transactions with real estate is made through a notary.

08.12.2009 11:35
The notary, of course, provides services not free, but calm and guarantee reliability of any more money. The more so by filling out a deal with the real estate notary, a risk is minimized. And this, I'm sorry, too, is worth a lot. Notary - also because "not doing his job" and upon the certification of real estate deals thoroughly and carefully examine the documents submitted for their legality, reliability and correctness of registration. And also in the mandatory checks:
- Does the right person to sell your property, selling it, whether he is competent to make this deal, which has the right to property.
- Availability and reliability of all necessary documents for the transaction.
- If necessary, request the submission of both parties and other missing documents.
A big plus in the fact that the notary will request a mandatory set of documents that will be useful in the future. For example, if the state registration of the sale contract. Formalize a deal with a notary, you're holding will be necessary, and correctly executed, and documents.
Note: The current legislation does not require all real estate transactions notaries. The only exceptions are transactions for rent, and perpetual maintenance of a dependent. Register or complete a notary public - is voluntary. Nevertheless, it is desirable to still a notary. This opinion is shared by professionals and realtors.
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