Real Estate SCAM - can escape from them?

10.01.2011 07:40
Unfortunately, the real estate market is now thriving all sorts of fraud. Is it possible to somehow escape from the real estate scams and protect yourself from losing money or an apartment? Alas, protect you against fraud can not practically nothing and nobody. Among the terminated transactions involving the acquisition of real estate transactions occur as deemed invalid because of errors realtors, notaries, and the owners themselves, and because of judicial errors. If at least one of the links in the chain of registration of the transaction to be invalid, then the entire transaction is terminated. Errors can occur at different stages of processing real estate transactions, and occur for different reasons.

* First of all, you can just deal with ignorant or unscrupulous realtor who did not bother to check the quality apartment and take a responsible approach to the design documents. And many realtors, even if they have all the necessary knowledge and skills, just are not able to recognize real estate fraud and the time delay the process.
* Frequent errors and mistakes when you make a transaction because of the unreliability of information about the apartment, received a passport office. Unfortunately, Extract from the organization of housing under the law considers the information strictly confidential, and are often not provided at all. For this reason, often after the registration of the transaction is found in the apartment registered previously unknown tenants, and the transaction is terminated.

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* Much less mistakes happen notaries and courts, yet to this kind of situation has a lot of broken deals.
* Are very often fraudulent transactions using the reluctance of buyers to pay the full tax. In the contract of sale apartments is specified is not the amount that is present in the actual calculations, then the deal is terminated and the buyer returns the specified (ie, much smaller) amount.
* Much more fraudsters are bypassing the real estate agencies, and avoid any contact with the competent mediators.

Experts believe that real estate scammers work is nothing to prevent, as the legislation governing all sorts of real estate transactions, very deficient. Requires the adoption of additional laws and change old to somehow stop the action of cheaters. But the state still believes such measures are unnecessary.

Experts predict growth of fraud in real estate transactions and associate it with the ever-increasing housing prices and rising consumer demand for real estate. And the more at risk buyers with average incomes who dare to buy an apartment, many years collecting money or selling a previous home.

In order to somehow protect yourself from meeting with real estate scams, you can follow the advice of experts:

1. Consult a trusted real estate agency, to the competent and experienced.
2. Even better, if you choose the agency that guarantees its customers reimbursement for cancellation of the transaction. True, these agencies in our country there is little, and they take too much of a fee.
3. Try to watch out for all stages of the process. If necessary, consult with several notaries and lawyers.

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