Real Estate of Volyn region

09.10.2009 13:15
<div style="text-align: justify;"><img height="148" width="200" align="left" alt="" style="margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px;" src="/files/41/volyn.jpg" /><strong>Real Estate of Volyn region </strong><br /><br />Prices on Real Estate of Lutsk – center of Volyn Region for nearest future difficulty forecast as well as any prospects of realtor business. Developing survey of Real Estate agencies experts find a pessimistic forecasts. Maybe not as predictions as pessimistic today realtor life. <br /><br />Chairman of the Volyn real estate agency Musiychuk Valery Rostislavovich notes that agencies live "today," the market is, there is little selling both commercial and residential real estate. The same situation with the lease premises. With the crisis, housing prices have fallen by 40-50%, and from this area fell earnings of concluded agreements. No mortgage, plus the entire situation is unclear in the foreign exchange market dictate their demands. Forecasts hard to do, because with such a volatile situation in the state economic situation is unpredictable. But hope for a better future for the real estate market is. But you need to wait a while. <br /><br />Realtor "Volyn Interregional Exchange said that in early summer, the situation was more lively, and connect it with the arrival of holiday workers. But now a revival halted. From early next year, prices in Lutsk on housing grew by an average of 20-30% (so the price bottom and no more hope). Lack of new buildings and reduce building also played an important role in the overall real estate stupor Luck. <br /><br />Similar conclusions ago Director AN "Antada" Datsyuk Tatyana A., and Director agrees AN Berehynya Shava Svetlana.. <br /><br /> The situation on the property Luck is no different from a nation-wide. The crisis, fluctuations in the currency market, the small scale of our city, the decline of the state economy does not allow something significantly zprohnozuvaty. But I hope that there will come times when you can make some real estate analyst Luck, statistical projections at a professional level. It is necessary to have patience and wait, and the growth in the market happen. <br /> <br /><br /> <br /> </div>
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