Real Estate of Berlin: fashionable or profitable?

27.09.2010 09:14
According to a survey conducted by the Agency, ErnstYoung, Germany ranks first among European countries, most appropriate for business. This is due to the economic stability of Germany during the crisis.<br /><br />In Germany, traditionally associated concepts such as efficiency, accuracy, quality, order - and this is no accident. On the world stage, Germany has long established itself as one of the most stable countries and has won universal respect. This country is one of the most active and energetic members of the European Union. Analysts MIEL-DPM »note that investments in German real estate is not subject to market fluctuations and crises of the world economy. This is due to the fact that the Government of Germany has traditionally steered clear of risky mortgage schemes, typical for other countries (USA, Spain), and this ensures high stability even in times of crisis. The possibility of purchasing property abroad has long ceased to be a luxury. The scheme of buying real estate in Germany, in contrast to, for example, Switzerland is quite simple. Moreover, foreigners are no restrictions to buy both residential and commercial property and manage it, while not residents. So, buy a piece of Europe can be for rent, permanent residence or holiday in this country.<br /><br />Berlin - key features<br />According to Natalia Zavalishin, Director General of MIEL-DPM »,« one of the most investment attractive cities of Germany is Berlin. To date, this is one of the most underrated cities in the world. " Here you can highlight a number of factors that can determine the trend of growth in property prices: Berlin is considered one of the economic, financial and public centers in Europe. Here are concentrated representation of the world's largest corporations, the city is the traditional place for holding international symposiums and exhibitions. High and stable standard of living also plays a significant role here. Berlin - a city of ideas. Education and science, research and development here given central importance. This city attracts foreigners who plan to get an education or work in Germany. Not surprisingly, it was located here so many world-renowned universities: the Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin Technical University, Berlin University of the Arts and many other educational and scientific institutions. Despite the fact that Berlin - the capital, the ideal purity of this city has long been legendary, and many parks and green spaces remain supportive environment that makes it attractive for permanent residence.<br /><br />Every year the number of tourists in Berlin increases. The city has a rich cultural and architectural heritage and is the largest European research center. Brandenburg Gate, the Dome Cathedral, Unter den Linden - one of the main boulevards in Berlin, Pergamon Museum, Castle Charlottenburg - this is not a complete list of the most popular sights in Berlin. Modern infrastructure with well-developed system of urban transport provides comfort of movement and access to any social sites - kindergartens, schools and emergency assistance. The quality of German roads has long been recognized. Soon Berlin would be the largest European air hub, which will significantly contribute to the development of the city.<br /><br />Berlin can not be called a spa town, but there are good opportunities for recreation. Outside the city a lot of lakes, with beaches and infrastructure, rest on which can compete with better-known resorts on the lakes of Italy or Austria. A little over an hour and can get to the coast of Germany.<br /><br />If you live in Moscow, then you have another advantage - from Moscow to Berlin and back fly up to 10 flights a day, and the journey time is only 2.5 hours. In addition, the route Moscow-Berlin train ply. Construction of the housing stock in Germany is not very active. The Germans do not like to buy an apartment, they prefer to rent them - it allows a person to be mobile, not tied to one place. But the old inhabitants of Germany prefer to spend at home.<br /><br />Due to the above factors, investment in Berlin property is guaranteed in terms of income from the lease.<br /><br />Investment opportunities<br />Now real estate prices in Berlin range from 50,000 to 1,000,000 euros (of course, there are more expensive and exclusive items), depending on the area of the object class housing and other factors. In terms of investment proposals are very diverse both in size - residential or commercial units - and the cost. Consider, for example, offered for sale apartment in one of the very comfortable quarters of the district Prenzlauer Berg. This is one of the central regions from which you can easily reach major tourist sites in Berlin: Unter den Linden, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Alexanderplatz, because the distance is not more than 1-2 km. A quiet and green district, where the apartments has a well developed infrastructure: parks, medical facilities, various shops, schools, kindergartens, public transport - all located in close proximity to home.<br /><br />Approximate calculation of the investment attractiveness of each of the apartments:<br /><br />If we look at Berlin as a city for the purchase of commercial property, then there are a number of options - the acquisition of restaurants, fast foods, hotels or office buildings. One of these options for the acquisition of business - a promising fast-food chain in Berlin. His concept, it somewhat resembles a Russian company "Wee-potatoes. Today, Berlin has already opened two cafes and a avtokiosk. Also actively developing service delivery meals at home. On average, each store brings to 250 euros a day, and that the network is on the market a little more than six months, and in its advertising has been invested a minimum of means. The price of two stores, a kitchen, a trailer, and 2 Smart cars for delivery of products - 600 000 euros.<br /><br />Do not forget about such an important factor - Berlin has acquired the status of the capital of Germany is relatively recent, which provided and continues to provide the city a unique perspective of development. Now the town's infrastructure varies greatly, there is intense development, so important right now not to miss the chance to make a guaranteed right investment in the steadily growing market for Berlin real estate.<br /><br />Features and advice<br />As experts MIEL-DPM », The process of buying real estate in Germany is transparent enough, so the system realtor services are not very well developed. It is also associated with relatively high by European standards committee, fixed by law - 7,14%, including VAT.<br /><br />N. Zavalishin commented: "Very often, buyers and sellers find each other themselves, agree to review and independently collect the documents, go to a notary for the transaction of sale. For Russian citizens, are often not very fluent in German language, uncomfortable themselves engaged in searching and registering property. At the same time, find the place of effective Russian-speaking realtors, ready to show the full palette of available properties, is also quite difficult. "<br /><br />So here you can help professional advisors who objectively tell about the peculiarities of local taxation and the prospects of putting your property. Having a few trusted partners in Germany, the Russian advisers will provide a choice of the most interesting proposals in any segment of real estate. In the end, it will reduce the risks and minimizes the time and money associated with the purchase.<br /><br />In order to facilitate the selection of properties in Berlin, "MIEL-DPM» has developed a special campaign - awareness-building tour of "Days of Berlin in the MIEL-DPM». As part of the tour wishing to buy property in Germany's capital are:<br /><br />- Look at some properties (from 100,000 to 1 million euros or above, option);<br />- Get advice on the procedure for purchasing real estate and taxation in Germany;<br />- Attend a seminar on the purchase of business and obtain a residence permit - to make a study tour of East and West Berlin.<br /> <br />
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