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27.10.2009 14:08
Portugal is part of the Iberian Peninsula. The north and east it borders with Spain. The west and south by the Atlantic Ocean. Madeira and the Azores are autonomous regions of the state. Located in the westernmost part of Europe, Portugal is remote from the center of civilization. This enabled her to maintain a good environment, clean beaches, eucalyptus and oak forests, vineyards, beautiful mountain scenery.
Portugal's property market has long interested in foreigners. According to the company Gordon Rock, in a country dominated by buyers from the UK. In the southern part of it - Algarve - even a whole settlements, villages and towns where predominantly English speech sounds. British open here restaurants, supermarkets, beauty salons, etc. With the onset of the global crisis Portugal became increasingly interested citizens of France, Germany, Holland, Spain. "It is not uncommon when Europeans capital withdrawal from their country and invest them in real estate in Portugal. The Russians also on the list - says Stanislav Singel, President of International Real Estate Agency Gordon Rock. - Most foreigners buy housing here for rest and move to a permanent place of residence. "

"First of interest to Portugal from the Russians was not so high because of the lack of direct flights to Lisbon - explains Peter Kovalenko, head of regional sales of foreign property IntermarkSavills. - But in the summer of 2009 the airline «TAP» launch direct flight from Moscow - Lisbon and held a major public relations campaign to promote Portugal as a tourist destination. European Football Championships, held here a year ago, also helped open the country for our citizens. Therefore, the 2009 trip to Portugal, were frequently targeted - to find the right property. "

According to the company Knight Frank, the current demand is focused on central areas located close to the airport (approximately 20 minutes), such as Quinta-do-Lago (Quinta do Lago) and Vale-do-Lobo (Vale do Lobo), - they are the most developed resorts in the Algarve. It also includes small towns Porshesh (Porches) and Albufeira (Albufeira). "Algarve - the most popular tourist destinations in Portugal, as the Russians prefer to buy real estate in places familiar to the tourist visits - said S. Singel. - In addition, the resort offers well-developed infrastructure and a wide range of services, such as golf, spa, tennis, horseback riding and so on. "

The company IntermarkSavills believe that a very promising market - the island of Madeira. The mild climate of the island's "eternal spring" is very like the Russians, especially Siberians. In addition, real estate on the island inexpensive.

Interesting and Lisbon Riviera resort towns of Estoril, Cascais, Carcavelos, Ginshu. It offers excellent conditions for outdoor activities such as windsurfing and golf. Moreover, these cities are located near the famous historical monuments of the country.

Prospective Meters

According to P. Kovalenko, bargain buying property in Portugal is no more difficult than in other EU country. Bank Esperito Sancti even developed a special mortgage programs for the Russians. Standard loan conditions in Portugal - it's giving an amount equal to 50-80% of the appraised value of the object. The maximum loan term - up to 40 years (assuming that the buyer has not reached the age of 40), although in practice the loan is usually taken for 10-30 years at 4.75% per annum. Loan processing takes about three weeks.

Told S. Singel, a real estate agency commission, usually paid by the seller. The buyer bears the costs associated with the services of a lawyer and notary public, obtaining certified copies of certificates and registration of real estate. This is approximately 2-2, 5 thousand euros.

The procedure for registration of ownership in Portugal is divided into two phases. The first - the signing of the contract, reserving real estate. Then the buyer must pay from 10 to 25% of the total project cost. After that, the seller removes the housing with the sale, the notary proceeds to check the validity of its purity, it takes three to six months. If the buyer during this time decided to abandon the acquisition of an object, then made the money he did not return. If the seller refuses to sell, in accordance with Portuguese law it is obliged to return the advance payment to the buyer double the amount. The second phase of the deal - signed the final agreement. But before the buyer must pay tax on the transfer of object ownership (Imposto Municipal sobre Transmisshes). Its size depends on the price of real estate. It can range from 0 (if the object is less than 83.5 thousand euros) to 8%, while taking into account the tax deduction even less - up to 6%.

Any type of property in Portugal must be recorded in the Register of ownership (Conservaturia de Registo Predial). There you can get complete information about the owner of real estate and the availability of debt.

The buyer acquires ownership of the signing of a notarial deed of sale. After payment of all sums he issued a notarized copy of the deed. Further to the tax on the transfer object in the property should also pay a notary fee (0,8% of property value) and stamp duty (360 euros).

According to S. Singel, the availability of property in Portugal can be a basis for obtaining a Schengen multivisa for 90 days for both the landlord and for his family.

"Law of the European Union's harmonized, and many laws are the same for its member countries. Therefore, possession of property in Portugal does not guarantee obtaining a residence permit. However, there is recent progress in getting residence permits without the right to work ", - says VP Kovalenko. According to the expert, residence permit is especially in demand among the French retirees who buy houses in sunny Portugal and receive high French pension.

Residence permits processed in two stages, said S. Singel. First, a non-resident - the owner of a property in Portugal gets provided for in this case a visa that is valid for six months. Then the documents should be submitted to the Service for foreigners abroad, where and make the final decision.

From 50 thousand euros and above

Variation in prices for property in Portugal is quite large. According to S. Singel, the most expensive is the southern region of the country - the Algarve. Here, the high demand for housing, as it stimulates the growth of prices. In particular, in the Faro mainly build luxury housing. However, in small towns can be found and relatively cheap options. For example, two-room apartment with total area of ??62 sq. m in the center of the village of Praia de Luz (Praia da luz), overlooking the sea, 100 meters from the beach, sold for 110 thousand euros. One bedroom apartment (70 square meters. M) in the city of Lagos (Lagos) in a closed condominium with swimming pool, park and mini golf, a 10-minute walk from the beach - 125 thousand euros. Section in a three-level townhouse total area of ??180 square meters. m in a condominium with swimming pool and park, 300 m from the nearest beach, in Albufeira (Albufeira), on sale for 298 thousand euros.

The lowest prices - in the north, near Porto (Porto). There you can find a good one bedroom apartment for 50-70 thousand euros. Due to the cool climate, winds and humidity of the area little popular among foreign buyers, but demand by the Portuguese themselves living far from the ocean.

According to S. Singel, Russian customers who buy a property in Portugal can be divided into two groups. The first group includes those who are interested in the villa (the average cost of 700 thousand - 1 million euros). The second - those who drew attention to the apartments or townhouses in the section of 150-300 thousand euros. Of course, most buyers are in the second group. They get apartments in residential complexes, which are a maximum of 500 m from the shore. As an example, the expert cited a recent deal, which was carried out by Gordon Rock in the Algarve: the client has bought apartments overlooking the ocean area of ??125 square meters. m, for 210 thousand euros in the resort town Porshesh (Porches) in a luxury complex on the second line from the sea. It is noteworthy that before the crisis, such an apartment was worth 300 thousand euros.

According to P. Kovalenko, very affordable apartments in high rise buildings around Lisbon. The Portuguese authorities have focused on the development of agriculture, so detached villa owners by offering relatively high prices. "But we have experience of design in a guarded villa in the village 20 minutes drive from Lisbon to 500-700 thousand euros," - he says.

Assessment IntermarkSavills, Portugal has suffered from the crisis is much smaller than its neighbor Spain. There were no real estate boom, the market there is, in effect, an oligopoly, that is, his control of four or five family clans, so the mass dumping has not occurred.

"Since the choice of objects, in spite of the crisis, rather broad, and developers continue to build, attract customers all kinds of discounts and promotions. For example, some companies cancel flights and accommodation of clients during the tour in case of purchase of their property ", - said S. Singel.

In general, according to Knight Frank, property prices in the country has changed. They also depend on the area. First at the end of last year's economic situation has reacted region of Western Algarve - the cost of 1 sq. km. m here this year has declined by about 20%. Today, four-room villa can be bought for two million euros. In Central Algarve for the past six months, prices have remained stable and did not change significantly. "The cost of villa in Quinta-do-Lago and Vale do Lobo start-up from 2 million euros. However, consumers seeking a short distance from the airport, first class service, safety and a wide selection of beaches, there is little that can come better than these areas, "- says Ekaterina Thain, director of residential property Knight Frank.

Property and prices

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