Real estate market of Ternopil region

13.10.2009 11:50
<div style="text-align: justify;"><img height="215" width="200" align="left" src="/files/41/ternop.jpg" style="margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px;" alt="" /><strong>Real estate market of Ternopil region </strong><br /><br />According to data provided by the Committee on market analysis Association of Real Estate (Realtors) Ukraine Real Estate Agency Yavorina (Ternopil), in the fourth quarter of 2009 witnessed a fall in prices in all segments of residential and commercial real estate, the decrease of prices of land in suburban zone. <br /><br /><strong>Housing sales in the primary market </strong><br />The cost of one-, two-and three-room apartment in the city average fell to 12.2% (from $ 833.5 to $ 852.2 per sq m). In downtown prices have not changed and is $ 900 per sq.m. <br />The cost of rental apartments during the quarter, the average fell na12% (from $ 145 to $ 135 per flat per month) in the center - at 17.6% <br /> <strong><br />Dynamics of prices for land </strong><br />The cost of land during the fourth quarter in the heart of the city fell by 10% (from $ 15 thousand for 1 hundred. 13.5 thousand to $ 1 per hundred.). <br />In a radius of 2 km from Ternopil recorded lower prices for land at 22-25% (from $ 3.5 thousand to $ 2 thousand). <br /><br /><br />Comments of the Ternopil regional branch of the Association of Realtors of Ukraine, Anatoly Venhrynovych indicates, that:<br />“ - Falling property prices - the trend in the real estate market is present about the past nine months. Today the pace of falling property values has slowed somewhat, the situation stabilized somewhat in the market generally for nine months of 2009 prices in Ternopil fell on average by 40-50% " <br />According to realtors, those lower rates, which were in November and February, significantly slowed. But small, branching rate pricing in the market continues to go down. Although here it should be noted that various segments of the real estate there are different price trends. <br />During the crisis the market is back to 2005-2006 prices, and to date they have stabilized in some sectors and tend to sharp fluctuations in the value of upward or downward No - said the expert. <br /><br />Now the market there has been some recovery. It has become more customer conversions, more reviews of real estate, more than most agreements. But this recovery is for residential buildings, including the cheapest housing in the price range of 20-28 thousand dollars. This fact, if a month ago you could buy one-room flat "malosimeyka"-type for 17-20 thousand USD, but today this price rise up. <br /><br /><strong>Stopped the construction and commissioning of cottage settlements and objects in suburb. </strong><br />For example cottage "Tsukrovar” (Shugarmaker) is located on the street. Mikulinetska, 116 in Ternopil and I-st stage of houses would be commissioned in summer 2009. But now the term deferred. <br />The town is located on the area of 7.5 hectares. Construction of cottage town "Tsukrovar" as a residential complex of low buildings superficial blocked buildings and individual cottages with an independent life and convenient infrastructure for a comfortable stay include: 50 individual houses, 184 townhouses (blocked cottage sections with separate entrance) located on land of 0.0017 ha, combined into a single architectural complex. Main access roads covered with asphalt leading to the main road. From the center of Ternopil to the cottage town travel time by car will be 8 minutes. Currently Mikulinetska Street is one of the most convenient street car traffic. </div><br />
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