Real estate market froze in Crimea

05.03.2014 00:15
Articles about real estate | Real estate market froze in Crimea As you know, real estate in Crimea is popular among Russians. According to market research, the number of Russian citizens among homeowners on the peninsula grew with each passing year. Due to the political events in Ukraine and experts unanimously say realtors stagnation in the market Crimean estate. Obviously , the price and demand for housing is directly related to the fate and future status of Crimea.

"Now the real estate market froze in the Crimea . Everything will depend on political decisions - the vice - president of the Russian Guild of Realtors Constantine April. - If the Crimea will become part of Russia, prices , housing catch up with Sochi. "

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This means that in Yalta , one of the most popular cities of the Crimea Russian holidaymakers and property owners, housing costs will increase by two to three times .

With the accession of Russia to the Crimea will obviously develop construction - agrees with his colleague, principal analyst at the Moscow Guild of Realtors Dmitry Taganov . - Buildings including the southern coast of the Crimea was fought long ago, about 80 % of the housing does not meet modern standards.

However, when talking about real estate in Crimea there is another nuance. Sochi attracted interest in the infrastructure that was there realized through effective investment. In Crimea, a system of electric , gas and water supply needs improvement . And according to experts , this factor will also affect the cost of housing.

In other case scenarios confidently predict a jump in housing prices can not specialists . If the result of the referendum in the Crimea will replace the status of autonomy to statehood , the prospect of rising prices does not look so obvious. " In such a situation , investing in construction, investors will experience risks due to the unpredictability of future behavior and policies of the authorities ," - said vice - president of the Russian Guild of Realtors .

As described in the construction of "Star Beach " located in Sevastopol , now sales can not speak, make home buying mostly chaotic due to the rapid depreciation of the hryvnia .

" The increase in prices is difficult to predict , - says the founder of a real estate agency Crimea Igor Zakharchenko . - In any case, the Crimea is a large wellness area with a unique feature of the climate , and building on its territory will continue. "

In a third embodiment, if the peninsula retain current status - an autonomous republic within Ukraine - talk about changes in the pricing policy is not necessary. The question is whether there will be a stable demand for real estate Russians in the Crimea. Most experts tend to believe that the demand for housing on the peninsula rests on the question of security - both physical and legal .

" The same thing happened in Yugoslavia , where the Russians liked to rest and often bought housing - an analogy Dmitry Taganov . - During hostilities deal froze . But when all was quiet , the Russians began to also actively buying real estate in the now former Yugoslavia. You just have to wait. "
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