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25.07.2011 07:17
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A breath of ancient superstitions, "as you call her son, and his fate was formed." Any companies or projects of their founders - the children. Hard-won, worn-out and nurtured. But sometimes the process of growing up in the names they really have to change. Although to describe this process, modern experts use a different vocabulary than with the old Sage.

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Recently, leading PR-community - an association of marketing real estate REPA and the International Association of Business Communicators IABC - held a roundtable to discuss how to change the brand communication strategy real estate market after the crisis. The reason for such an event, organizers say - lack of attention to issues of brand companies in this field. Specialists of the analytical center "Indicators of Real Estate Market" agreed that this topic deserves attention, although we must admit that talking to her subject rarely obtained. And the questions, as usual, more questions than answers.

Not all the "brand" that has a name

The first question arises: what we say what we mean by brand? If we consider only the legal aspect, the brand - it is virtually synonymous with the trademark. However, as soon as the strategies companies conclusion is that we are discussing the brands in terms of consumer perception, and that's another story. In the classical understanding of marketing under the brand refers to only those brands that most potential users raises a number of similar emotional associations, have a reputation, established in the eyes of his audience a steady image (by the way, not necessarily - positive).

Of course, the brands are not for the sake of beauty, but in order to determine consumer choice in their favor. And even better - to create added value for the goods (services). When you shop for curious by why some watches are, roughly speaking, 10 000 rubles., And others - 100 000 rub. And they'll tell you that the last - Longines, it will be an explanation. And what's more? In fact, the brand provides a premium product, which consists not only of its consumer qualities, but also from some emotional value.

Projecting the situation on the real estate market, say that the brand - is when a person is not afraid to buy an apartment in a newly built house, because the developer "needs no introduction", or go to the realtor agency, because many years have heard about it a priori and trusts Although there never was served. Finally, remove office in BC, where is "cool" to sit. From this perspective, Ruble - of course, brand. And the store "Yeliseyevsky," which, alas, has closed. Or the same residential complex "Marfino." Finally, the "Moscow City" - despite the sea of ​​negativity around (we've already said, the brand's reputation is not necessarily positive).

In fall 2008, an analytical center "Indicators of Real Estate Market" conducted a survey of journalists specialized market (20 authors and editors of mainstream media). In the survey we asked, including which companies are the real estate market can be called the most "untwisted". Of course, we are not directly asked about brands (due to different interpretations of the term), but agree that the concept of overlap. One of the study participants commented on the issue in its form as follows: "Brands, not counting the Mirax and" Miel ", in fact, there is - in comparison with other markets." Interestingly, the survey confirmed the overall results of this opinion: the most "untwisted" Mirax and journalists called "Miel" - each of the companies mentioned 18 respondents out of 20 (read the article «PR on the real estate market through the eyes of journalists - Episode I»). It's nice that also included in this list in the second position, followed by "Incom". You can only add that each of these companies build their reputation (or brand) long, consciously and consistently.

By the way, in the contest "Brand of the Year EFFIE» to the category "Real Estate and Construction" in different years became winners: Mirax, «Moscow Windows" (2006), again Mirax, «INTECO" (2007); KBE, Holzplast (2009), "NDV-Real Estate" (2010). This is what people know and recognize how successful brands in the industry. Moreover, KBE - it profiles and Holzplast - siding, that is, strictly speaking, building materials.

In general, with brands in real estate is not dense. But what we often call these words - these are companies, projects, and often good and very good - but, sorry, not brands! In this regard, as some do not want to abuse the concept. First you need to build.

We need it?

This implies the following question: whether to build those same brands? Analyst at the round table "Investkafe" Yuri Kochetkov invited speakers interesting subject for contemplation, which is denoted as follows: in the crisis brands have a negative weight, since the brand name "covered." So, maybe you should not "pump up" brands? (By this analyst meant a lot of effort and cost to promote the companies / projects, including - advertising).

We believe that companies that survived the most difficult crisis that is not prevented brands, and errors in business strategy - excessive buildup of loans, "megalomania," the race for the magnitude, geographical extent of construction and market capitalization to the IPO, etc. Analytical center "Indicators of housing market" has repeatedly written on this topic, one of these articles - "The speculative" bubbles ": it is necessary to build but do not save the earth." But brands are actually attracted more attention, and because the history of them go so loud. A lot of companies in crisis, "quietly bent" just did not write about it and did not talk so much (from which the relevant companies, perhaps, no better).

Another caveat is this: most "advanced" the shareholders in real estate from time to time taken to play a serious game market - with the big agencies and big budgets. But not everyone is ready to go in this business until the end. Anastasia Podakina, now director of marketing for "Sistema-Hals', at one time worked as deputy director for marketing, Mirax, recalls how the company in 2007-2008. brand-engaged. The aim was to develop a "platform for the brand." We hired professionals from BBDO, but it should be noted that this is one of the leading international communications networks, and the rare real estate players are hired performers this price level. The agency began looking for a place in Mirax so-called "field of brands." If it is very simplified, this means that the set of characters and roles needed to determine the most suitable for the customer to further develop this targeted him. Well, let's say it is a brand-magician, a brand leader, brand-lover, etc. There are some very labor-intensive techniques, which allow it to do. BBDO specialists surveyed, anketirovali top managers from different business fields, etc. As a result, more than half year of work they found that Mirax - a brand character.

"Hitch" is that in every brand - its history, its own logic of development, according to the laws of the genre and character - someone who comes to win-or-die away (while remaining in memory). That is his life, as a rule, a bright but short-lived. When the owner of the company (then a businessman Sergei Polonsky) described that option - he has agreed to reposition the company to the brand leader, as suggested by marketers, and decided to bring this issue to the discussion board. But here there was a strange: all the remaining shareholders and company executives to leave with a brand-hero did not want to vote and insisted on the original version. Polonsky agreed with the majority. Brand hero along with the slogan "Best of the Best" has received a new supply of energy - at a time. Than it was over, we know. Who then will tell you that all this nonsense and the laws do not exist?

My years - my wealth

Perhaps the main question today: Will the company, with different results emerging from the economic jolt in recent years, changing as a future strategy? The roundtable participants believe that it should not for everyone. Individual companies to change is needed. For example, "Sistema-Hals' now completes the rebranding, which began in autumn 2010 - the names of familiar market takes the word" system "becomes a key word" tack ", but it will be written differently, and in the logo focuses on the graphic words HALS Latin characters with symbolic shapes of letters "A" to form a right angle. There are several reasons: the company has changed owners, the old name for a certain entrenched negative, from which you want to check out in order to develop further, the company wants to convey to audiences their positive development.

Many brands of real estate market at the time arose spontaneously, without any long-term strategies. For example, Penny Lane - the name of the district in Liverpool and at the same time the street from the crossroads where a child lived, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Subsequently, The Beatles song of the same name dedicated to him. Moscow realtor agency Penny Lane Realty took its name when the lion's share of customers were foreigners. Or "Miel": very few people know what it stood for the name at the time as "Moscow innovative electronic laboratory." But now the two companies - one of the few brands in the real estate market, and their names are perceived as a given. Director General of Penny Lane Realty George Dzagurov convinced that it is necessary to evaluate not only the brand, but also how much it invested, and the weight that it has acquired over time. If you originally created it and a few ill-conceived, now overgrown with history, we know that, of course, is of great value.

According to the CEO, "Miel-New" Maria Litinetskaya, "Miel" for many years formed and carried to the masses an intelligent way of a realtor who is engaged in economy class. Now the company has received a number of young, funny, sometimes - the arrogant, but very promising competitors. Nevertheless, they have no past, no luggage available, but successfully solved problems. "Twenty years of experience does not allow you to conduct an aggressive policy. Realtors in the mass, use an aggressive approach - not only in terms of promotion, but also in the interaction at the sites, working with corporate clients, etc. But the strategy of struggle can not be long "- convinced Litinetskaya.

Nevertheless, all have to work today: both beginners and "seasoned." For example, as noted by Mary Litinetskaya, now in Moscow there are many new projects, a series of "high-rises in the field," and will need to somehow sell exactly the same product, so that in turn will go a variety of techniques. For example, according to her, part of the company / project is going to start on the television (which is a non-traditional real estate market communications channel - more at materials in a series of "Top 10 Advertisers"). However, experts noted that several developers have already emerged in the "TV" in difficult times for a period, not all of it brought good luck. There is a fairly positive experience, "INCOM", and there were massive federal media campaign Steklov Institute or SU-155 on TV.

"If nothing is done, the reputation is created spontaneously. Our strategy has changed partly because the market has changed. Advertising channels are the same, but the PR was added in large numbers, "- said advertising director Anna Shadrina Capital Group.

With the development of new technologies, social networks, etc. good time has come for all sorts of experiments in progress, as some companies use the utmost. For example, Penny Lane develops YouTube: This year otsnimut 100 videos, the company even acquired its own television studio. George Dzagurov promised to all those gathered viral video in the near future. "We just think it's very cheap and always into something will result. But in general I like everything that has happened with this crisis. People stop doing foolish things. Some even used to work "- sums up the head of Penny Lane Realty.

Otherwise, no secrets, the roundtable participants to be discovered. So what will change if the communicative strategy of market participants and how it - see for yourself. However, there is a feeling that the market players are now more conscious than before the infamous 2008, which is not bad.

Hope Kozitskaya, editor MVN.RU «Marketing in Real Estate»
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