Real Estate Market: 10 sellers to one buyer

02.11.2010 12:04
Real Estate Market: 10 sellers to one buyer Buyers and owners of the capital's housing come into confrontation. Waiting for lower prices first, and the latter believe that they have nowhere to drop.

If the pre-crisis years, the tone in the capital market of real estate salesmen asked flats, now the situation has changed radically. Even among the wealthy people are no longer willing to pay for a depreciating somewhat, but still sky-expensive boxes, writes Business Capital.

And although some proposals have appeared exclusive objects previously did not fall into the open database to get rich on these realtors are not able to: potential customers are aggressively trying to knock down the price, but the owners want twice as much. A similar situation is in the cheaper segment.

The closed square
Metropolitan realtors expect that from September the demand for apartments will increase by 10%. However, according to director of agency services to the Academy of Sciences "Sitikon" Edward Brazasa, these predictions did not materialize. Potential buyers are really began more active interest in the possibility of purchasing property and did not deny myself the pleasure of going to the views, but on the number of actual transactions, this slip so far not affected.

It is estimated that for the first month of autumn in Kiev, has sold about 700 flats, which practically corresponds to the year target, but five times less than before the crisis. At the bases of urban real estate agencies are now more than 10 thousand objects, and it is easy to figure out that only in the secondary market capital to each buyer to hunt more than a dozen vendors.

Term of realization of the average of the Kiev apartment is three to six months, and some proposals are not in demand more than a year. In agencies with the nostalgia of 2008, when the objects are "leaving" for a month. Now for such a period can attach unless a good "unity" on the secondary housing for $ 50-60 thousand, or such a dwelling in a new not more than $ 1.5 thousand per square meter.

Most buyers do not have more than $ 100 thousand, whereas in the range of figures available, only 40% of the objects. In addition to the elementary lack of money hamper sales expectations of further fall in the value caused by the apocalyptic forecasts about the prospects of the domestic economy. But the owners stubbornly kept prices at last year's level, citing their actions so that, sooner or later the deficit metropolitan housing is still more expensive. At a good bargain can be expected only in the event of an urgent sale.

Unmoved exclusive
Decided to wait for better time to improve their living conditions even capital rich. If you have traditionally enjoyed a luxury housing, though a small but steady demand, over the past couple of months, the agents could not remember a single deal, claiming the VIP-level. The maximum that could sell realtors, - a few apartments on the secondary housing in the Shevchenko district and in Pechersk of $ 250-300 thousand

Meanwhile, a proposal for a truly premium apartments increased significantly: in the free market did even an apartment, which were previously generally passed from hand to hand "between her". For example, in an upscale home on Grushevskogo 9-a, near the Mariinsky park, now you can buy just two apartments: shestikomnatnye apartment of about 500 square meters. m for $ 14 million and a more modest apartment in 200 sqm. m for $ 1.5 million

Good duplex apartment is on the street Streletskaya (295 square meters. M). The current owner wants to get behind them $ 2 million, almost a year hang in the real estate databases and several apartments on Khreschatyk (price from $ 1.5 to 4 million).

"The interest in such property are many. Potential buyers are satisfied everything except price. They are ready to buy a house for $ 5 per thousand square instead put up $ 7-10 thousand, but at substantial discounts to owners of single-piece objects do not go ", - said Edward Brazas.

For developers are watching
Primary cell, at first glance, shows a more optimistic trend. Consultant on real estate Ukrainian Trade Guild Dmitry Pekalov said that if the spring and summer in the average metropolitan newly implemented 3.5 per month apartment, and in September the figure was 3.6, which is one apartment more than in 2009

But the overall figures for sales of new housing are ridiculous: in the first autumn month signed only 200 transactions, while exposed to about 11 thousand objects. Potential customers interested unless Economy-class apartment costing no more than $ 1.5 thousand / sq. m or premium apartments for $ 4 thousand for a square. In this case, the developer still has to convince the conservative candidates that the facility will be commissioned in the stated period.

Word for them, nobody believes it. Before signing a contract with the construction company, Kievites months have seen the movement of equipment and personnel on site. Fears of potential buyers not groundless, since 30 of the 110 buildings of not being. But as selling the most liquid apartments, developers are becoming less flirting with customers, offering them stocks and discounts. Moreover, introducing the house in operation, they automatically raise prices by 15%. As a result, the lion's share of proposals kicks off with $ 2 thousand per square. m

When and what the outcome of the next pause in Kyiv housing market, now is not taken to predict any one analyst. Arguing about the possible scenarios of the situation, some experts say that buyers and sellers reconcile release of "political" money. They are expected to spur sales of apartments over existing prices. However, it is possible that the lull will be deeper and more serious than it is now seen, and stop no earlier than the apartment owners decided to cut prices at least 10%.
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