Real estate loan is not affordable for most Ukrainians

11.10.2011 00:30
Articles about real estate | Real estate loan is not affordable for most Ukrainians To arrange a mortgage for 60 thousand dollars (equivalent) at 15% per annum, the borrower must have a monthly income of 14 thousand UAH per month.

This was stated by chairman of the bank, "Finance and credit" Vladimir Khlyvnyuk.

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According to the forecast the banker, "the mortgage market froze for a very long time."

In his opinion, the only option in this situation - low infusion in separate segments. B. Khlyvnyuk believes that the quality of its mortgage portfolio of banks may decline due to deterioration of the global economy.

In the words of Vice-Chairman of the Board, "Erste Bank" Svetlana Cherkaev, the rapid growth of mortgage do not expect, given the low level of income (the average wage - about 2.5 thousand USD). However, the market has a perspective, given the low population zakreditovannosti of GDP against a background of European countries.

In view of lack of potential borrowers do not agree deputy chairman of NBU Kolobov Yu. According to him, in the case of providing state compensation schemes with more than 45 million people could find enough people who will give impetus to the development of the mortgage market. 
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