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09.12.2009 11:59
In 2008, the Ukrainian leasing market of commercial real estate will reach $ 500 million on the same real estate leasing market in Ukraine as a whole, then its volume in the current 2007 is more than $ 700 million must also be noted that in the next 2-3 years this figure will rise to $ 4 billion, said Mikhail Merkulov - Director of «Immorent Ukraina» During the press conference.

He noted that in the last hour of a large number of leasing companies entering the Ukrainian market. Basically it is a company that affiliation banks. Mikhail Merkulov stresses that the market is now just emerging in Ukraine and it is attractive enough. You can say that the volume of the market - is the cost of the entire commercial property in Ukraine as a whole. Because the owner of any property - it is a potential lessor.

In the same hour, he said, there are risks, which are expressed in the absence of the necessary legislation (regulation of transactions happening on the basis of a contract between two parties), and also problems in the tax sphere make most of the players hide their activities, do not show their transaction .

Mikhail Merkulov also highlighted the prospects of this direction, because, he said, the leasing of real estate stands a good alternative to bank financing. He said that leasing companies are more flexible, both in terms of money, and the methods of cooperation. For example, a company can purchase real estate leasing, or use the leaseback (the owner can sell it and take it as a lease, and the money redirected to the financial support of other projects). Still can work well in Europe, the scheme where, for example, a large trading network wishes to withdraw the Ukrainian market, but do not want to invest in the construction of stores. In this case, building a leasing company which rents these premises after the lease of the network engaged in commerce.

Company «Immorent» was founded in 1970 and her specialty - a set of services within the concept of «leasing & more» («leasing and not only), which includes financing, construction management, development, administration and supervision of construction projects.

«Immorent Ukraine» - a subsidiary of the Austrian «Immorent AG», which in turn is one of the three most tangible leasing companies in Austria and belongs to the financial group «Erste Group». From 1997 to 2007, the company is actively expanding and now she works in the markets of Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Ukraine. «Immorent AG» is also ready to offer its services to international leasing in Poland, Switzerland and Germany.
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