Real estate in Ukraine falls under pressure from global crisis

14.10.2008 00:00
The global financial crisis that brought the bankruptcy of major investment banks in the world, and jeopardizes the economy of developed countries made it to Ukraine. His influence can already evaluate every citizen, and the consequences are not taken to predict nikto.Situatsiya worsened early this year, but in the last few months have felt its force virtually all companies that are somehow connected with the construction industry, resulting in a number of builders are not can fulfill their obligations and on the verge of bankruptcy.

Already, many buyers of apartments that have invested in the construction phase of residential homes - in a panic, it is not a guarantee of delivery of the object, even for a few years, and return the money invested can not be - from developers do not have any.

If you do not dig deep, we can state that the source of all ills lies in the lack of funding for construction projects as part of bank loans (including mortgage) and by the end users, who have lost confidence, even in large and reliable builders .

Lack of funding is due not so much in demand from buyers, and the fact that banks do not have "cheap" money, and in Ukraine there is no stable currency.

All this in conjunction with the ongoing political instability and the struggle for strengthening the hryvnia has put banks in a situation where the issue any credits for them simply is not profitable, but at high interest rates did not want to take any builders or home buyers.

The result is that builders do not have resources to complete the project (the object is frozen), and potential buyers is no desire to invest in risky object, moreover, many are waiting for lower prices, ie took a wait.

Frozen homes and bankrupt their developers for the first time in many years, acknowledged that they are not financially wealthy, can not complete the project. First of all, investors have suffered house under construction, which nowhere to turn, and help them no one can.

Out of the situation in the coming year, and maybe a few years should not wait. The global economy will not soon recover from the shock experienced, as you know, Ukraine's economy depends on stability in the world.

Implications for the construction industry in our country will be quite severe. Rather, in 2009-mid 2010 to reduce the number of developers to increase the number of unfinished houses, reducing the overall pace of construction and commissioning of housing.

On the other hand, the industry will begin a rapid ascent in late 2010, after reconstruction and stabilization of the global economy, resumption of mortgage programs, resulting in increase demand and will begin a new stage of market development.

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