Real estate in Crimea: the full picture of the transition period

06.05.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate | Real estate in Crimea: the full picture of the transition period Since March in Crimea sold real estate, as well as stop any action aimed at the registration of land plots. Experts predict that the next six months on the market there will be no movement. Meanwhile, property prices are rising and realtors have found workarounds for processing transactions . All this you will learn by reading StroyObzora exclusive material .

Purchase and sale of real estate Crimean can legitimately draw on the continent, but realtors do not exclude that such transactions may eventually oprotestovat.Seychas they find workarounds .

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"Problems with the registry there, but who should draw up a contract of pledge . All paint : what amount of the transaction , as already given , how much is left . Populated and waiting. The contract we write that amount is unchanged, " - said one of the Crimean StroyObzoru Realtors .

However , lawyers have warned that the contract of pledge anything to do with the contract of sale of real estate does not have any rights and property can not provide . One of the least risky option for potential buyers Crimean estate , which for one reason or another rush to buy their favorite real estate in the Crimea, is the design of the loan agreement with the seller on the amount of the deposit . Requirements for mandatory notarization of loan contracts in the legislation of the Russian Federation no .

Now the Federal Registration Service generates regional management units . It will take 1-3 months. There will be engaged and re-registration of property. It is planned that in the Crimea , it will take 2-3 years . At this time, will operate under a transitional period when the Ukrainian legal documents will be recognized as valid .

" Locked " issue state dachas , departmental resorts and so on. As told StroyObzoru ex-speaker of the Crimean parliament , Leonid Grach , Russia has not yet decided what to do with these objects.

"Public houses - is public property , it is the best land , this sea , this climate, it is the material base . Why is this question keeps on hiatus today? Why not decree to transfer them to the Office of the President , for example? Next question - how to use them ? What is happening in Kiev Concha Zaspa . Objects quickly sell themselves cheaply local nouveaux riches . If there will be the same situation - it's bad , "- said Rook

Politicians do not exclude that the " ordinary " residents will have to wait until the Crimea "tip " to decide . Large amount of work will be carried out or not depending on the interests of oligarchs sure chairman of a political party of Russia Maxim Suraykin

" Crimean oligarchy that was here , as well as Russian , of course will delay the process until they realize that they can solve their problems . Unfortunately , ordinary Crimeans will suffer. We will try to mobilize the process. But the fact that this process will be painful - very clear , "- said Suraykin .

Politicians argue that the redistribution of property is inevitable. Already a number of factories stopped work on the peninsula .

"For example, if the plant is in Kerch and Sevastopol , and he owned Poroshenko , how he - russophobe can leave here this property ? As an argument - as Firtash can leave plants in the Crimea? The question is how this is a process and in whose favor it will "- said Rook .

At the same time in the Crimea crowded hotels Russian businessmen who are seeking land and real estate on the peninsula.

"We have heard that the Russian oligarchy , largely exhausted opportunities in Russia ( the division of property , etc.) , now " nakinetsya "in Crimea", - said Russian.

Maxim offers Suraykin in this case to act within the legal framework changes .

"We must fight and legally there are many options . Can be made , such as a moratorium on buying real estate until all the necessary legal clearance and Crimeans not given full rights and stabilize the market ", - said Suraykin .

Also on the peninsula began to teach cadastral engineers work in a new format . This StroyObzoru said the head of the program center of the Russian Federation Pavel Batishchev .

" Now that the transition period, but in any case, will act in the Crimea , Russian law . And if all processes in Russia walked slowly , the Crimea is waiting "shock therapy ." Crimeans to face the fact that we should not just learn large amounts of new information, but also needs to change outlook. We now listen to people who want to become cadastral engineers who take courses , they have a different mentality . People will have to rethink their luggage towards Russia. This is the biggest barrier , "- said Batishchev .

Currently in Crimea windows open reception of documents for registration of property rights. Meanwhile, the future cadastral engineers must " lay " for a special data entry program to three thousand hryvnia .

"We teach cadastral engineers explain how to work in the new programs . Earlier Rosreestr gave free program for data entry of survey plans and other documentation. Not now, because it does not provide the format that is needed . Also, the free version does not support the users in this case is extremely important for the Crimean "- says Batishchev .

Crimean residents may face a number of challenges , said the head of the Russian Federation program center Pavel Batishchev .

"From the point of view of the Russian Federation, it turns out that now the land and real estate are not registered and are affiliated to the Russian base . That is, they are not. Succession but still persists , "- said StroyObzoru Batishchev .

According to him , Russia now has two bases . First - this is the state cadastre of real estate - real estate objects ( objects of capital construction , land ) . Second Base - Unified State Register of Rights .

"In Russia, Registration of proceeds in two stages . First - a description of the object , creating boundary plan for land or a technical plan for real estate and renting these documents cadastral cadastral engineers ward. Then comes the registration of the property, after which it appears in the database. Then within 5 years the owner of an object can register their rights on this object , "- says Batishchev .

The right to property can protect only the state and if they are not properly designed documents , the person will be legally protected. Therefore, even unfinished construction recorded in the cadastral Chamber says Batishchev .

"Cadastral Chamber in Russia work in different ways . The problem is that if there are disputes between landowners , the Cadastral Chamber does not solve these disputes . It acts only as a body excluding the border. That is, she brought the documents that the border is here - it is allowed for . If the owner believes that the boundary crossed the neighboring plot , the Chamber is not taken into account. But the court Cadastral Chamber does not want to go. As a result of this survey plans hang , because how to register site if there are quarrels with neighbors, which must somehow be addressed . So, a self-regulatory organization of cadastral engineers to establish this control - indicate where this boundary . That they will go to court instead of cadastral Chamber "- says Batishchev .

Information on land sites will take the field - in village councils and so on. But the big problem in the coordinates , says an expert . Often appropriated cadastral number of the site, and where he is not known. It can also make a mess and cause fraud in this area.

" All ministries and departments related to land relations , with property rights and so on, must learn new rules. It is now being trained . The second stage - the entire property is necessary to issue , make the registry , make documents in the BTI . This technical work and this is where unscrupulous officials affiliates - owners of large objects or simply capitalists who want to pick up something , will do the work in their own interests or to do it at the moment when they can get it - it is a danger of corruption " - Maxim Suraykin warns .
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