Real estate: demand is rising, while prices - no

08.11.2010 16:56
In October, the number of transactions in housing in Moscow again increased significantly. However, the value of real estate is a seasonal recovery is not reflected in the overall market remains stable, experts say.

Activity in the housing market in Moscow after a slowdown in August and September increased again in October, the statistics show Rossreestra. However, experts attribute this phenomenon to seasonal increases in demand, which would not affect property prices.

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In September in the capital were registered 7.6 thousand transactions in housing, according to management Rosreestra Moscow.

It is not surprising that these results are much higher than those in October 2009 of the first (5.54 thousand transactions), and October of 2008 (5.68 thousand transactions), when the real estate market was gripped by crisis.

Interestingly, the activity of the Moscow housing market showed growth in the previous month. Recall that the property market showed signs of recovery as early as last December, and since the beginning of the year activity of the citizens consistently grew until June, when, according to Mosreestra in the capital took 8.96 thousand sales transactions. In July, however, were registered only 7.89 Thousands of such transactions in August - only 6.53 thousand in September - 6.04 thousand Experts attribute this slowdown to the saturation of the deferred due to the rough and tumble of crisis demand.

However, recorded in October, a surge of activity head of the analytical center Alexander Pypin believes no more than a growing season. According to him, because the process of registration of transactions requires some time, the October number of registered transactions talks about revitalizing the citizens in September. In this case, according to an expert, this year was an unusually important summer slowdown in activity (recorded in the statistics in August-September). This is due to abnormal heat, at which potential buyers refused to meet with the banal realtors.

Otherwise, according to A. Pypin, capital real estate market is now quite stable and significant price increases are not observed. In October, the value in the secondary market in Moscow increased by 0.3% in rubles for the full year increase in prices up to 10%, which generally falls in the inflation forecasts A. Pypin.

Did not record a significant growth in house prices in October and other analysts. Experts IRN ("Real Estate Market Indicators") noted that "for a dramatic take-off cost per square meter of the macroeconomic situation is not the same." According to their calculations, the average price for an apartment in Moscow in October was $ 4.51 per thousand square meters. m, an increase of 1,3% in September. (IRN Indices are calculated without taking into account high-end housing and non-standard apartments, and also contain an adjustment to the prices of actual sales, which makes them a little lower inflated bid prices).

According to the Russian Guild of Realtors (RGR), the offer price for the month in Moscow on the secondary market rose by 1.1%, to 167.75 rubles per 1 sq. km. meter. The company "NDV-estate" in October recorded the rise in prices in the secondary market of Moscow in the dollar on 0,5% to $ 5.187 thousand for the quarter. Room sq. m. in rubles and grew by 0.5% the previous month and amounted to 159.8 thousand

The number of mortgage deals have also remained stable. In October Mosreestr registered 1.57 thousand mortgage transactions (including 1.23 thousand transactions secured by the purchased apartments and 334 secured by other real estate borrower), which roughly corresponds to the level of September. Recall that the maximum on the number of mortgage deals this year came in April when there were 2 thousand 23 deals.
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