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05.09.2010 15:54
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In the center of Moscow, in a typical high-rise, there is an unusual flat. The air filled with the scent of her perfume, gentle singing canaries and clean bells. A watchful eye of the shelves look fantastic little figurines. This wonderful world - Property Bronislaw Vinogrodskogo known Sinologists, translator and writer. For 30 years he has been studying traditional Chinese culture and science. Inviting us to his guests, Bronislaw willingly shared their knowledge on how to arrange housing for the harmonious feng shui

From the window of your apartment so strange to look at the street: the outside - the endless gray industrial landscape, but here inside - a real little China. Is feng shui is not advised to choose accommodation away from the city?

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Of course, when you choose a house or apartment on feng shui, you will first need to examine carefully the external environment: terrain and surrounding buildings. In the Chinese character for "Zhai" (housing) means "place of choice. If this choice is correct, then the people in the house nice and snug, and the inhabitants of generation after generation will prosper. The place chosen for the housing and fitted so that through him rhythmically to the energy of life. That is, housing can be defined as the result of the choice of this "vein" and only later as a result of construction on this place home. For the average person with a bad external scenario, the inner longer play any role. And for me not important external factors. My knowledge deep enough so that I could live in any place and in any apartment.

And yet what area is considered "correct" location for housing?

Every year more and more important location of the house in the green zone. Trees are collected around him a happy effect of respiration, and therefore their role in creating harmonious feng shui can not be overemphasized. They protect the house from the piercing wind and scorching sun.

And the intuition at the level of "like-dislike" important?

It is very important. But besides intuition there are certain criteria - it is the trees, mountains, water, roads, bridges, wind, light. For example, negatively, if the road is directed at an angle to the house and creates a "destroying wind". Crossroads, "striker" in the house, is also very unfavorable. If the house is located next to the cemetery or abandoned house, it is better not to settle there. Happiness and stability of the family brings the mountain behind the house.

But where in the city to find a mountain?

Yes, just behind the housing relief should be higher than the front. Then there is the feeling that you rely on the mountain. At this creates a sense of relief that the back is covered, and this gives a sense of calm and confidence.

And on what principle you have chosen this apartment?

For the first time stepping threshold, I looked around and realized that I could live here. Getting in a given space, it is important to feel it and myself in this space. We must listen to all your senses: touch, smell, sight, hearing ... And if nothing alarming, then you will be in this house comfortably.

What you changed in this flat?

I've changed. My home - a high work of art life. For example, I changed the focus of visual spots. There were mats on the floor, cloth embroidered with the peoples of China, flowers - all this greatly changes the space, and hence his perception. In addition, I added a lot of powerful feng Shuya objects. This variety of objects: protect, attract happiness and wealth, neutralizing the adverse effects in the house ... They very much.

And what could be adverse effects in the house?

Фен-шуй домThe study of feng shui places like the diagnosis of disease. If it is determined that there are one or another illness, you need medicine for its treatment. In the art of feng shui the role of these drugs may carry special tools and charms that can neutralize the adverse impact of forces in this place. Adverse effects, which are allocated in feng shui, there are two types: tangible and intangible. Material can see the eyes and touch his hands, and intangibles can not be perceived by ordinary senses. Material forces are embodied in such phenomena as the corner of the house, making way, etc. Intangible be considered unfavorably oriented force field, which in the language of feng shui called the "evil stars".

How to deal with them?

For example, with stone lions - this is one of blagoveschih animals in the Chinese tradition, is able to neutralize many of the bad effects. Remember, in the past couple of lions are often placed at the gates of large houses. It is no accident. If the window shows something that has a devastating and overcomes the influence, you can put a pair of lions face to the window, to neutralize the evil forces. If your work involves c conversation (for example, you - the lawyer or artist), then the lions, raised indoors, will enhance the credibility of his voice and, thus, will emerge wealth. In addition, help items from rock crystal. The nature of rock crystal is able to concentrate and strengthen the space of creative work and intellectual activity. You can put the crystal objects on the four corners of the room - in this case increases the sensitivity and understanding in the family. If you place items in the nursery, the children will increase memory and interest in books. My wife and eight children, and children are always objects made of rock crystal.

What can attract wealth into the house?

This is different coins and ingots. For example, gold jewelry, Jin Yuan Bao. These tools of feng shui mimic the shape of gold and silver bullion and are used to generate and enhance wealth. Couple Jin Yuan Bao is located on the window sill of the large window in the room - one on the left and right corners - to attract wealth from outer space. Accommodates Jin Yuan Bao in the corner, located diagonally across from the main entrance to the premises, because it is a zone of wealth, and this will contribute to the accumulation of wealth from the inside. But do not equate wealth with money. Even the form of Chinese coins is the wish of the harmonious transformation of celestial qualities, creative efforts in the earth, material things: a circle from the outside - a symbol of Heaven, a square hole inside - a symbol of the Earth. Feng Shui can bring into the house of wealth, but on one condition - you start with yourself, strive for harmony within yourself, to understand that money is not omnipotent. Money is one of the transformations of pure Jansky force of breath, if you use them wisely. If it is only an object of desire, they are dirty power of breathing. Dirty power of breathing is a yin, and if the Yin essence accumulates too much, it brings misfortune, disaster, manifested in various social problems.

Often visiting the China that you usually bring from there?

Jade objects. Jade is the national stone of China, which is considered the most beautiful of minerals called "stone of life." He is able to ensure longevity and family well-being. And most importantly, enhances the influence of other jade objects of feng shui.

You are at home everywhere candles, incense, bells. What is it?

Odor, color, light, sound - all this plays a huge part of human life in the system of feng shui. Of this sum Environmental History of the dwelling. In addition, all this helps to cleanse and protect the house from negative energies. Or do not let her into your home. For example, a bell with the image of a mythical animal cylinder can be hung on the door, which faces the street (on the left side of the jamb in the door). This prevents the penetration of bad energy from the street. If you live in an apartment building where the doors are located on the floor opposite each other, and their neighbors in the apartment there are more people than yours, then the bell hung above the door. This action allows you to neutralize the influence exerted on the accumulation of wealth. When many people, the concentration of energy wealth will be high. The fewer people, the less riches.

What you need to know the people who are going to apply feng shui in equipping the house?

It is important to remember that in feng shui house ceases to be traded, the object of construction, means of obtaining money, and even habitat. He finds aspect of an instrument to establish its own relations with fate and with the genus. House - is a complex organism, which operates within the family, embodying the device model of the universe. House lives, taking a breath of the world, coming at him through the doors and windows. In the housing required functionality: if the table is then followed by someone to sit, and if the stone is, and his long time no one touched, and it has accumulated dust, then the energy is no longer taking place. If so, then it should be rearranged. Residence must continually evolve, yet it does not become obsolete themselves.

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