Real Estate Appraisers rebelled and went on «offensive» Cabinet

14.09.2012 00:15
Articles about real estate | Real Estate Appraisers rebelled and went on «offensive» Cabinet Market participants protested against the new valuation rules. Property appraiser came to protest akutsiyu the walls of the Cabinet. Assessment of market participants do not like the new rules work, which, according to them, monopolizing the market. It is reported by TSN.
September 12 appraisers picketed government. Big red modules protesters wanted to say "No!" government plans to establish new rules for public market valuation.

First change the current state of affairs officials wanted the spring. Then the powers handed over a dozen new private firms that started their activities with that raised the cost of services at times. Officials later acknowledged the decision wrong and backed off.

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Now, according to the old-timers of the market, will be the second attempt to capture the business stakeholders. Hitherto unknown social organizations threw Kabminprosbami finally bring order to the market, said appraisers.

"Assessment want to make a normal mathematical calculation. Gathered up the children, students and kill assessment," - says the chairman of the Society of Appraisers Alex amphitheater.

This view opposes Justice Minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych. Officer leads a working group to develop new rules on the market assessment, and calls those who prefer to leave things unchanged, dishonest.

"What is happening in this market - it is God's punishment. Necessary to do so in order to avoid tax evasion and was not ridiculous prices, there was no double tariffs - one that is written in the contract, the latter that actually paid. That what is happening today, "- said Lavrynovych.
About that, what will be the new rules of assessment, officials have no say. Meanwhile, appraisers insist that already identified 200 firms, which promises the business.
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