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08.12.2010 09:10
Articles about real estate | Ready to change stations without contract Pent-up demand in the suburban market, accumulated over a period of crisis and vyplesnuvshiysya by midyear, allowing many developers to remember old times. Number of transactions in the peak months exceeded almost forgotten figures, sometimes reaching 1.5 thousand

By the beginning of the autumn wave of demand began to decline - more developers have reported a decrease in the number of transactions, no more than 1 thousand a month. Today, the market entered a phase of stabilization, says the head of the analytical center of "INCOM" Dmitry Taganov. In the near future is not expected no growth or a significant fall. "There is still a policy dictated by the buyer demand remains only interesting projects", - said the expert. According to him, the bulk of sales (63%) still falls on the plots without a contract - this year and next will take place under the sign of the format. However in 2012 the market will return to a civilized form of building, and the proportion of plots without a contract will be reduced. Already, consumer preferences are changing in favor of constructed facilities. The high potential of organized construction and said relatively high proportion of houses in the total volume of transactions - about 30%.

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Least of all consumers claimed malokvartirnye suburban home - no more than 4%. Among the rare exceptions - LCD "Rublevskoe suburb", which is located five minutes from the Ring Road, between the ruble and Assumption Novorizhskoe highway. "Here, sales are going well, but it is rare for the format of country maloetazhki", - said Dmitry Taganov.

Have not been mass buyer and townhouses. "This format is in Western countries relates to economy class. And here he was introduced as a business class. Not surprisingly, the democratic wish to acquire housing at fairly high prices is not so much ", - the expert believes. In the volume of transactions townhouses occupy about 10%.

If we talk about an average price tag on the country market, but nowadays it is about 15 million rubles. for the object. The cost of the cottage - about 33 million rubles., Townhouse - 16 million rubles., Apartments - 10 million rubles., A site without a contract - 7 million rubles. In this case, D. Taganov notes that for several years in a row the average selling price will decrease due to market more affordable offerings.

Among other trends, manifested in recent times, the speaker calls the growing popularity of areas that had previously remained in the shadows: "Along with the traditional demand Novorizhskoe, Kaluga, Dmitrovskoe buyers are increasingly interested in objects at the Simferopol and Kiev areas.

If we talk about the structure of demand for suburban real estate market, then, according to Andrew Ufimtseva, Director of Sales, "New Quality", out of 520 townships, on the market today, sales are roughly in half, and the real interest is about 120. "These are the sites where the completed first phase of construction, or already have at least one of the three major utilities", - thinks Alexander Ufimtsev. In other words, the attention of buyers attracted to settlements, construction of which is stable funding. In addition, for successful sales to developers will need a good reputation and well-deserved confidence of consumers, and villages for the liquidity needed successful concept and quality construction.

As repeatedly noted market analysts, the crisis reduced the area of homes and land that buyers are willing to buy. Thus, if the first in the high price segment of the area under consideration homes from 600 to 1200 square meters. m, today demanded the objects in the 350-700 square meters. m. As for plots, their liquidity is reduced if the area is more than 25 hectare.

"In times of crisis won those developers who are not afraid to unstable from an economic point of view, time to market, or those who already are on the market, has managed to restructure their assets," - said A. Ufimtsev. Thus, the corporation "INCOM" able to guess the product that will be demanded by consumers in the circumstances, and put up for sale in the village Novorizhsky. A company "Peregrine", guided by the same motives, held reconception village of La Manche. As a result, the project was transferred from the business class to economy and enjoyed success in the market. True, the development director of the holding RODEX Group Valery Mishchenko notes that this trend is the other side: "When the market is equalized, the object concept is sacrificed for short-term money, may be illiquid.

In general, according to the observations of Ufimtseva, to date, buyers of suburban housing high-end segment mainly interested in ready homes, but since these objects a little, demand flows to the secondary market.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Zemer Ilya Terentyev notes that today's market re-emerged loans, so that buyers plots without a contract ready to start construction of houses. Quite clearly on this background, the exhibition was "The House", organized in the village of Smartville by "Mosaic". There are more than 20 types of pre-fabricated objects from different manufacturers at a price of 11 thousand rubles per sq. m. Users can select and order any of the samples.

In the long term plots without a contract will lose its relevance, says I. Terentyev. "Currently, we are on the verge of a new round of market development, - he said. - In the near future there will be tandem landlords and developers, which will offer buyers of contracts for the construction of affordable homes. " The format of country real estate economy class will replace sections without a contract and will be popular with consumers.
Natalia Monakhov

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