Ready to buy a house soon

19.11.2010 11:55
Articles about real estate | Ready to buy a house soon Autumn trend shows a resumption of buying activity at the suburban real estate market segment of "elites." In the lower categories, there is moderate demand, but consumers are in no hurry to buy, despite knowledge that the average market prices are fairly balanced.
In particular, many buyers are waiting for the resumption of lending. With regard to the location of houses, then, as always, the popular elite Obukhov, and
also more affordable and Odessa Boryspil direction.

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To make the construction of private cottages, you need to clearly understand the market trends. And although construction of the house combines many factors, a balanced approach to the choice of direction, land, and construction technology will form the price of the object and calculate future profits.

With regard to the demand for such homes, the buyer in the market is always there. At the same time, it is based on existing conditions and opportunities, is trying to optimize their costs when buying property. Therefore, the seller must create a product for sale which will be fast, namely: fully ready to stay home with the documentation, the relevant legal regulations.
Vladislav Bondarenko
Specialist real estate company GEOS Real Estate

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