Rating unexpected requirements when choosing real estate

19.10.2010 20:25
Articles about real estate | Rating unexpected requirements when choosing real estate The traditional criteria for choosing an apartment known: location, infrastructure, environment, apartment settings, the cost of ... Not all people, however, adhere to such a "boring" rules.

Specialists of "NDV-estate" ranked the most unusual customer requests.

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The absolute leader in the strangeness of preferences Realtors recognized the man who opted for an apartment with windows on ... Butyrka.

The next in the ranking - the square meters, overlooking the cemetery. The deal, however, never took place - home to his wife did not like the client. After much debate, a compromise was reached between the couple and the couple happily move into an apartment in the least "comfortable" place - next to the STI clinics.

Mentally struck Realtors and a couple from France, which certainly wanted to buy housing in Moscow in an old house on the top floor under the loft. The French possessed a significant amount of money, but chose to completely dilapidated communal - but in a house built before the Revolution. As it turned out later, because they have manifested a nostalgia for "old France". Except in very old communal apartment in Moscow, as it turned out, and nowhere more ponostalgirovat - solid unexciting new building.

In the top-rated hit and the girl who sold a nice apartment in a prestigious metropolitan areas and moved to near Moscow Dzerzhinsky, bordering the unloved Muscovites Kapotnya notorious for its bad ecology. And all in order to live near her beloved! However, very very vnaklade girl remained. The difference in price, she bought a new car.

And finally, fifth place in the ranking took a client who insisted on an apartment overlooking the Ring Road. And not because of saving, but for the love of cars. It turns out that some people do not need no silence, no fresh air - more than anything else they like to look at traveling in cars.

Realtors also notes the increasing demands from customers to the appropriate apartment with all the provisions of Chinese teachings of Feng Shui. Not a deal in Moscow, it turns out, breaks down on the grounds that suitable for all other criteria for housing correctly, from the perspective of the Eastern teachings, arranging furniture, or not in those places are the doors and windows.
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