Rating the best-selling cottage villages in 2010

21.02.2011 09:05
Articles about real estate | Rating the best-selling cottage villages in 2010 Analysts at the Department of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty - the leading operator in the market of residential and commercial real estate - made a rating of cottage settlements, in which up to 2010 was sold the maximum number of households. Among the leaders were completely different projects, such as location and distance from Moscow, and on construction technology, as well as the cost per square meter. Company experts have tried to figure out what caused such a high interest in every village.

1 place: a gated development of Millennium Park

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* Location: Novorizhskoye highway, 24 km from Moscow
* Developer: Villagio Estate
* The number of realized projects for the year: 156
* Average price of apartment. m in 2010: 4,066 USD
* Segment: Business Class
* Building materials: Brick

Expert opinion:

"The village is positioned as an" elite "," exclusive "," design ". Luxury Novorizhskoe direction, a small distance from Moscow, the optimal set of internal infrastructure, gorgeous landscaping with virtually no marketing of new projects, business class allowed the "Millennium" took first place of this rating with a serious detachment from the competition ", - says Director of Marketing Department Country real estate company Penny Lane Realty Alexander Rykov.

2 nd place: cottage village "Dream"

* Location: Dmitrov highway, 23 km from Moscow
* Developer: Company Vekgrad "
* The number of realized projects for the year: 96
* Average price of apartment. m in 2010: 1785 dollars
* Segment: Economy Class
* Building materials: lightweight aggregate blocks

Expert opinion:

"This is one of the mega-projects with a total area of 260 ha. The first phase of the village is already fully built and put into operation. The buyer can choose the type of accommodation - from small apartments with an area of 47 square meters. m, in an apartment building to single small cottage, with a maximum area of 250 square meters. m plot B16 hectare. The optimal distance from Moscow, the high pace of construction, reasonable prices and flexible payment system are indisputable advantages of this village "- experts say the company.

3 rd place: cottage village "Emerald Hills

* Location: Kashirskoye, 55 km from Moscow
* Developer: DNP "Partner 2008"
* The number of realized projects for the year: 76
* Average price of apartment. m in 2010: 1375 dollars
* Segment: Economy Class
* Building material: frame-panel technology

Expert opinion:

"The settlement, designed for 190 homes, located in the Stupino district, Moscow region, surrounded by woods. Over 50% of houses have been built, which will positively affect the rate of sales. The cost of homes that were built on a modern framework technology is small - only 1,375 dollars per square meter. am a definite plus of the project: a high rate of construction, natural surroundings, low cost houses, the ability to design and mortgage installments.

4 th place: cottage village "Augsburg"

* Location: Dmitrov highway, 52 km from Moscow
* Developer: LLC "Low-rise Neighborhood"
* The number of realized projects for the year: 68
* Average price of apartment. m in 2010: $ 520
* Segment: Economy Class
* Building materials: concrete, brick

Expert opinion:

"Price, price, and again for money. We can say that the settlement "Augsburg" - a unique offering in the market: the cost of homeownership is only $ 600 sq ft plot with the purchase contract; $ 440 per square. m buying townhouses (for example, the 4 th quarter 2010 average price of apartment. meters of real estate economy class is $ 1380). The settlement represents a mini-city in whose territory in the short term plan to build the necessary internal infrastructure. For its formation was developed by a very attractive offer: the buyer can buy a townhouse with a non-residential ground floor and organize there own small business: open a shop, cafe, bakery, beauty salon and so on. "

5 th place: cottage village "New Riga Beach"

* Location: Novorizhskoye, 75 km from Moscow
* Developer: Good Wood LLC
* The number of realized projects for the year: 60
* Average price of apartment. m in 2010: $ 930
* Segment: Real Estate Economy Class
* Building materials: logs, laminated veneer lumber

Expert opinion:

"Despite the considerable remoteness from Moscow - for more than 70 kilometers, the village is in demand among buyers. Convenient location on the banks of the river and just 3 km from the Istra Reservoir, a beautiful surrounding scenery, only wooden construction and adequate price - these are the main advantages of the project ", - says Alexander Rykov.

Analyzing the results obtained, we can conclude that all participants rating, except for cottage village "Millennium Park", refer to the segment of the economy. Indeed, throughout the whole year 2010 showed the greatest dynamics of inexpensive real estate. The overwhelming number of proposals the Moscow region - up to 70% of the total - are concentrated in this segment. Not surprisingly, the number of deals with such real estate is more than 80% of all transactions.

As for the winner of this rating, its success can be attributed to the almost complete absence of competitors. Throughout 2009-2010, the demand for business-class villages was high enough, new projects in this segment appear extremely small. This year, the first phase of Millennium Park, consisting of 150 houses had been completely built and ready for occupancy, which is also positively affected the pace of sales. Today's buyer does not want to get involved in unfinished projects. Or at least wants to see how the dynamics of constructed his house.

Source: Penny Lane Realty
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