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03.11.2010 16:42
Aiming at providing up rating of the most popular among buyers of countries decided that would be correct to rely not only on the typical market indicators and data relevant agencies, but also on the expert evaluation of a number of subjective factors and nuances that influence the choice of a particular country.<br /><br />To be honest, make a list of countries one way or another are interested in overseas property, it is not difficult. We can say that with all of its objectively define "natural selection" is not the first year of holding a bestseller "magnificent six": Bulgaria, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Finland, Montenegro. In order to build this list is not alphabetical, but in a logical order and choose an unqualified candidate for the leadership, trying to approach the matter in cinematic and faithfully observing the Hollywood tradition, announced the number of "Oscar-winning" nominations.<br /><br />Nomination "Climate comfort"<br />Of course, the claims regarding climate change may be a matter of purely individual. Someone is contraindicated in the heat, as in Turkey, but it shows the "Alpine" air, as in Montenegro. Someone is willing to practically year-round grilling in the Cyprus sun, and someone more interested in soft cool Finnish July. Nevertheless, the observations of analysts, the climate component yet identified a certain trend in the geography of shopping. Namely: those who are buying focuses on climate comfort, as a rule, prefer to Spain, Turkey, Montenegro, but most of Cyprus, with its longest in Europe in the summer, very soft, warm (+18 o C) in winter, semi-annual swimming season and a record number of sun a year. The attractiveness of clean, warm sandy beaches doubles pleasant neighborhood with ski slopes and flat, ideal for walking the hills. Ancient Greco-Roman ruins, numerous prints of Turkish and British rule in almost no at every turn offer insight into the rich history of Cyprus. Typically Mediterranean in appearance, the Cypriot city of distinctive and dynamic style of life, especially the night. Even the off-season night life is full of colors and sounds. As noted by Stanislav Singel, President of International Real Estate Agency Gordon Rock, to vneklimaticheskim advantages of Cyprus can be attributed perfectly developed system of credit and high quality construction, stability, economy and high living standards, as well as good educational opportunities, including those in Russian.<br /><br /><br />The figures reflect consumers' interest to this country and received from different agencies, it is extremely diverse, ranging from 5 to 28%.<br /><br />Nomination "Comfortable stay"<br />This factor is primarily determined by the degree of infrastructure development and service. Among the main contenders for the role of the winners in this category - Turkey, Spain, Cyprus and Finland. But the lead is still Spain, which features a high quality of life, rich cultural and historical environment, development of resort infrastructure, high quality accommodation and wonderful climate.<br /><br />Of course, the Spanish economy in general and real estate market in particular, are experiencing serious difficulties today. "However, Spain remains one of the most popular destinations for Russians, and for those who could not previously afford to buy real estate in this beautiful country, now is the time" - sure Anastasia Rybochkina, Managing Partner, head of foreign real estate companies "City House Real Estate ". And he adds that many Russians consider purchasing property in Spain to educate children, as there are excellent English, Swiss and proper Spanish schools and good universities. Among the pluses also include the possibility of incremental investments (Spanish banks offering mortgages to foreigners on favorable terms) and visa exemptions (owner of property in Spain and his family receive multiple Schengen visa). Anyway, in favor of Spain expressed from 7 to 15% of the clients of real estate companies.<br /><br />Nomination "The cost of housing"<br />In the unanimous opinion of the respondents from the six candidates in this nomination come only Bulgaria and Turkey. That is, when it comes to the most economical purchase, mainly Russians choose between the two countries. But prefer to still Bulgaria - statistics, it accounts for about one-third of all requests (from 21 to 38%). "The main advantage of Bulgaria is a low-cost housing and similar culture and language of the Russians - said Stanislav Singel. - Cons - it is often poor quality of construction and the complexity of the sale of housing. "<br /><br />"Bulgaria continues to occupy a leading position in the real estate market by pricing policy - agrees Anastasia Rybochkina. - Of course, living in Bulgaria is low, the economy is largely unstable, but recently increased investment, new major projects, and increasing prices is not far off. " On the other hand, in Bulgaria, a wonderful, mild climate, beautiful scenery, excellent beaches. A great advantage when choosing Bulgaria is a short hop.<br /><br />Nomination "The quality of construction"<br />As rightly said Julia Titova, head of foreign real estate corporation "BEST Real Estate, this factor is much more dependent on the particular construction project, rather than by country. But still tried to reveal the characteristic trends for different countries, laid the building traditions or if you prefer, culture building. After all, for example, if you compare the overall quality of the construction of our roads and highways in Germany, all the trends will be immediately evident.<br /><br />I must admit mistakes, assuming that the "prize" for the quality of construction will Spain. Pre-crisis construction fever somewhat shifted the emphasis from quality to quantity: as noted by Anastasia Rybochkina, today real estate market is overstocked Spain, and on it a lot of substandard housing.<br />And leaders in quality housing, according to expert estimates, are Cyprus, along with Finland - an environmentally perfect kingdom mushroom and berry forest teeming with fish lakes, skiing, sailing and just a comfortable stay. Finland, which accounted for between 2 and 5% of the total consumer interest, particularly attracted by the Russians of their easy transport access. Of course, it is primarily about the buyers from nearby Russian regions. "For the most part are buying real estate residents of Nordic Capital. Muscovites have more and more popular rental market ", - underlines Anastasia Rybochkina and notes the growth of quality housing in the organized settlements and increased demand for houses in Finland.<br />In general, it seems that the only unfortunate drawback of this country is its northern location. And to the above pluses, according to Stanislav Singel, add transparent laws and standards of living.<br /><br />Nomination "The Value of quality and cost of living"<br />Even despite the relatively high price levels, this award again wins Cyprus. While a number of others, and, incidentally, very little stragglers candidates were listed, Spain, Finland and, of course, Turkey, with its excellent beaches, well-developed infrastructure and relatively inexpensive cost of housing.<br />"The property market in Turkey is not overstocked, a great value and quality - commented Anastasia Rybochkina. - Many developers are now going to interest-free installment plan, and flexible payment schedules. The undeniable advantage is available to foreign nationals mortgage, visa-free entry and the possibility of obtaining a residence permit. " In this case, according to Stanislav Singel, not in favor of Turkey can play Eastern specificity and the difference in mentality, as well as the long process of processing the transaction. Nevertheless, according to various sources, from 4 to 11% of shoppers yet<br />choose to Turkey, including through the sunny climate, its beauty and diversity of natural landscapes.<br /><br />Nomination "natural, cultural and historical environment"<br />This nomination is different from all previous ones in that the sum of expert assessments in her fall, all six countries - with a certain margin in favor of natural beauty or cultural and historical wealth. However, without exception, respondents gave first place (and in both parameters), Montenegro - a beautiful country with beautiful environment, mild Mediterranean climate on the coasts and alpine in the mountainous areas.<br /><br />High season with average monthly temperature of 27o C lasts from May to September and winter clothing may be needed except in the mountains, and even in the dead of winter. Miniature in size, Montenegro is surprisingly rich in sights and clean sandy beaches - there are more than hundreds. A local nature is famous not only vivid beauty and diversity, but also puts these records - for example, in the image of the deepest canyon in Europe's largest packaging or in the Balkans, Skadar Lake, or the last in Europe, the rain forest on Mount Biogradska ... Of course, the infrastructure of this state is developed enough yet, but a scattering of wonderful historic cities - Budva, Herceg Novi, Bar, Perast - Kotor sparkles, the jewel of world heritage by UNESCO.? Couple more confident "yes" in favor of Montenegro - a visa-free entry and moderate maintenance costs of housing. And as a result of Montenegro are interested in, according to various estimates, from 8 to 18% of potential buyers of overseas property.<br /><br />It is important to emphasize that the statistics of requests is not always the statistics of real shopping. "For example, - says Julia Titova - in Spain, which accounts for more queries than on Montenegro and Turkey, the actual purchases made smaller. The share of Bulgaria's real buying, rather than on demand, decreased significantly and is already quite far from one-third. "<br /><br />Meanwhile, your own, coffee's popularity ratings of foreign countries from Russian property buyers, depending not only on the number of requests, but on the real choices the end user, and according to some subjective evaluation, is composed as follows: Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, Finland, Bulgaria, Montenegro.<br /><br />Out of competition<br />It would be unfair though byvkrattse not to mention some other countries, is incredibly attractive to our compatriots, although because of the high cost of real estate available to a much smaller number who want to buy it.<br /><br />This, of course, France, which accounts for 2% of requests (here and below - according to the company Gordon Rock). Country with a romantic flair and a myriad of natural, historical and cultural attractions. The undisputed leader in fashion, perfume, wine ... In the global tourism, finally! Think of a witty saying of Charles de Gaulle: "The country, which has 365 varieties of cheese, never cease to amaze travelers. Speaking of cheese, or more precisely, the kitchen. Intricate delights of French cuisine are honored in the best restaurants of the world and are renowned for nothing less than the same French perfume. And because we dare to even suggest that someone from the home buyers tamoshnego convinced it is a gastronomic factor. However, in this sense, France has a serious rival - Italy with her though a little less sophisticated, but no less popular cuisine. But in Italy, perhaps, there are no competitors in its scope and beauty of cultural and historical heritage. The lion's share is concentrated in the northern half of the country. Here, according to statistics, have traditionally been established and the highest housing prices. In the south m2 significantly more accessible, which has a positive effect on sales figures, including the Russian market of Italian property. A number of queries (4%), Italy is almost twice faster than France. And four times - Portugal (1% of requests), a country of great navigators and explorers. And let on transport accessibility, it is less convenient for the Russians in Europe, but housing prices here are definitely more attractive than average. Plus, the warm ocean, luxurious beaches, delicious wines ... Oh, and football, of course.<br />The average cost of housing and the proportion of consumer demand<br />Country Value m2, ? Average% of requests<br />Bulgaria 800-1 500 29.5<br />Spain 1 600-3 800 11.3<br />Cyprus 1 300-2 000 12<br />Turkey 450-1 700 5.6<br />Finland 800-3 500 3.6<br />Montenegro 1 500-1 900 13<br />According to the company Town House Real Estate " <br />
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