Rating of the largest landowners in Ukraine

18.06.2012 14:45
Articles about real estate | Rating of the largest landowners in Ukraine Billionaire Oleg Bakhmatyuk, which owns the largest agro holding Ukrlandfarming landowners of Ukraine. Land Bank of the holding is 508 hectares, calculated in the magazine "Focus".

Purchase several large agricultural companies, in particular "RiSE" and "Dakor Agro Holding" Bakhmatyuk allowed to form the largest in Eastern Europe, a land bank.

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In the second place in the ranking - "Kernel" Andrew Verevskiy. This position he has provided the latest acquisition of the holding - two agricultural companies in the Poltava and Khmelnytsky regions with 119 thousand hectares of land. As a result, the land bank "Kernel" was 330 thousand hectares.

Closes the top three Igor Guth, owner of the agricultural holding "Dream", which controls 295 hectares of Ukrainian lands.

Behind him followed by "MHP" Yuri Kosyuk (280 ha), "Astarte," Victor and Valery Korotkov Ivanchik (245 hectares).

On the sixth largest agricultural holding up Rinat Akhmetov and Vadim Novinsky HarvEast, which was created after the purchase "Metinvest" Mariupol metallurgical combine them. Illich, has a significant amount of "agrotsehov." Land Bank - 220 thousand hectares.

The top ten also includes Agroton Yuri Zhuravlev (170 ha), Sintal Agriculture Nikolai Tolmachev (150 ha), "Friendship Nova" Sergei Gaidai (100 hectares) and "Agroprodinvest" Alexei Poroshenko - the father of the Minister of Economy Poroshenko (96 hectares).

During the second ten - companies such as "IMC", "NIBULON", "Svarog West Group," agricultural holding "Donetsksteel", KSG Agro, AgroGeneration (it is headed by the elder brother of the writer Frederic Beigbeder Charles), "Agrotrade", "Gals Agro" .

At the 19th place is the "APK-Invest" Deputy Prime Minister Boris Kolesnikov (23 hectares). Closes rating DP "Milkiland-Ukraine".
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