Rating of investment attractiveness of primary residence

24.03.2011 11:11
Articles about real estate | Rating of investment attractiveness of primary residence Invest in the purchase of apartments primary costs - rental housing in the capital is gradually becoming more expensive. Just select an object must prudently.

The idea of ??Robert Kiyosaki that you can successfully invest in real estate, and then a lifetime clip coupons - it is obsessed. Despite the recent crisis and the collapse in property prices, writes the Money.

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In fact, Kiyosaki's still right - just not all read it carefully. And he said that the need to invest in the real estate, which brings a good rent (income from the lease). And, accordingly, brings high current income - Kiyosaki called it cash flow.

But local investors are mostly relied mainly on high-growth rates. "Money" on the eve of the crisis is not just written that when evaluating the investment attractiveness of housing should not focus so much on the prospects of rising prices, but rather on the income which brings rent.

It is from these considerations, the assumed "Money", when proreytingovali 15 metropolitan sites of the primary property for their investment attractiveness (see "Rating the investment attractiveness of the apartment complexes to private investors"). Or rather - assessed how quickly pay for itself by renting placed in these housing complexes studio apartments.

Certainly, however delicately, such estimates can not be called at least because they do not take into account the cost of finishing and furnishing of apartments. And these costs are quite comparable to the 25% of the primary object. And yet, "Money" sure: principally on the arrangement of players such assumption will not be affected.

The fact that the cost of bringing the freshly flat to residential status is usually directly proportional to the value of the apartment. Well, judge for yourself: it makes no sense "to trim walnut" economy-class apartment in a house on the outskirts of the city. Because the applicant for such housing just does not want to pay for luxury repair and cool furniture.

Likewise, you should not indulge in extreme asceticism in finishing an apartment in a nice house, located in posh area. Indeed, fastidious tenant, chasing a premium location and ready to pay handsomely for it, and do not set foot in the foot apartment, which finished with something like the scantily furnished.

Why do we consider just one bedroom apartment? Yes, because they are more liquid as the sale and for rent. So, there are quite a lively market for such objects that are on hand to investor-investor.

The conclusions we have done quite comforting for a potential investor.

Now bought on its "primary" one-room apartment while renting can bring profit to his master, commensurate with that which gives currency deposit in the bank is not the worst (see the "Summary" at the end of the article). Even taking into account the costs of the investor to finish and furnishings. And in the future growth of mortgage programs and trigger price increases, but so far the market is "at the bottom." And the rent is gradually becoming more expensive: the 2010 rate in Kyiv rose by 10-20%. And in the short-term rental growth in the capital is not less than 10% per year. And really high-quality apartments are very quick to find their permanent tenants and the relatively high price.

That's just the entry threshold for investing in capital "primary", alas, not too small - between $ 60-70 thousand buy an apartment and from $ 15 thousand at its finish. But far more investors are concerned, these figures do not, and risks.

Risks and what to do with

"We decided to invest in the purchase of an apartment in the summer of 2008, when the pre-crisis were some few months. Then we thought it was a good decision to invest $ 60 thousand objects selected by place of residence - a house that was in our area. They promised to pass in the third quarter of 2009, but the house has not been put, and now "- says Valery Samoilenko from Kiev. According to her, the house has been built only with BTI any problems, and that's delaying the transfer of investors bought the rights to meters. "We are ready to make repairs, as needed to let the tenants, but there is no sense - the elevators in the house work" a day ", yes and no heating, so put off repairs until summer", - says Ms. Samoilenko.

But she at least have more than a real chance to start earning on your investment. But time and again loom enticing ads about cheap apartments, which in fact are endless protracted. "Last fall, posted an Internet ad studio in Kiev, has been plaguing not from the persistent offers to buy an apartment in Kharkiv highway for just $ 46 thousand, that is, with a total area of ??46 m? - Is $ 1 thousand per square meter ", - says Anatoly Sergienko engineer. According to him, it was discovered that the house not only has not been put into operation, but do not even know when it will generally be delivered.

"There's so unfinished, so I did not get involved", - says Anatoly. Indeed, the object of "Mega City" erected by "Ukogrup, widely advertised, and even at a construction site there is a semblance of activity, and customers are offered cheap apartments with the promise to pass the object in 2011. However, this complex is built over five years - the initial date of commissioning have been declared for the first quarter of 2006.

So investors will have to spend a lot of time and effort to find sites where to invest is relatively safe. Of course, buying an apartment in an unfinished house will be cheaper by 10-30% depending on the degree of preparedness and policy developer. But this discount - pay the investor for the risk associated with delayed entry into service homes: builders stated deadlines will almost never coincide with the real.

"We have invested in 2004 in an apartment in LCD Silver Breeze, in the third house complex. Promised to hand over first in 2006, then in 2007, then was told - wait for the crisis. We are waiting for and now ", - said Andrey Tokarev investor. Curiously, despite the fact that the third house the complex - indeed unfinished, whose construction was frozen for several years, and the prospect of it, and now raise questions on the official website of the seller - Ukrainian Investment Engineering Company - offered to buy housing there. True, an important detail - no price apartments, no information on the timing of delivery of the object on the page of the company there.

Price issue

A gradual recovery of construction, when the crisis began to revive previously frozen objects, not resulted in lower prices. Quite the contrary - in the past year, apartments in new buildings went up by 10.5%. This was partly due to higher prices for building materials, in part - with the adjustment of prices on an inflation index.

But the main argument sellers came down to the fact that, firstly, the market is not so much actually under construction, and secondly, buying an apartment in the new home buyer gets a larger area and higher quality compared with accommodation in " secondary housing. However, investors, frightened by the massive reports indicating that an object has ceased built, developers would not believe, therefore, the demand for housing "first hand" in the past year remained at extremely low levels.

For the entire year 2010 in the capital has been committed by 9.4 thousand transactions of apartments in the secondary market and 2,3 thousand apartments have been sold in the houses under construction. It turns out that the market in Kiev were on sale for more than 11 thousand apartments in new buildings and was one of them bought only one in five.

Despite the low demand, the average cost per square meter "primary" in Kiev, close to two thousand dollars. Of course, there are companies that are trying to dump. As a rule, this applies to facilities located on the outskirts and constructed using relatively inexpensive materials (eg concrete blocks). Also actively reduce to a minimum ($ 1 thousand for the "square") price of those companies that are still hoping for the money to attract private investors to finish building their long-suffering long-term construction.

After all, banks are still reluctant to lend to builders. "During 2009-2010, some banks tried to revive construction, while others have recorded losses and focused on the sale of objects. For most bankers, attractive in the past, the construction industry is no longer of interest "- said the deputy chairman of Sberbank of Russia" (Ukraine) Marina Bykova. Yet respondents 'money' bankers say that is about to begin to slowly unfold in the direction of the builders. Crediting adding on facilities, banks, parallel to implement mortgage programs - to encourage buyers. "New projects of residential real estate economy and business class can be financed only if the parallel existence of mortgage programs available," - said the head of the investment and construction financing Prominvestbank Maxim Chukhrai.

How to buy?

According to "Money", is to invest in facilities that are either already in operation or are in the final stage of construction. If a house has not yet delivered, is necessary to analyze the contract offered by retailers. In fact, by law, the only valid forms of relationship between the developer and private investors are either the target bonds or option certificates, or invest through a fund to finance the construction (see "Money" from 26.01.2011, available at dengi.ua).
In addition to the contract, is to evaluate and reputation of the company, visit its office, interact with staff, view the approval documents issued by the company by the city. And, of course, you need to visit the building site itself, to talk to the foreman. Not be amiss to examine Internet forums, where investors often a specific object exchange the latest news.

It is important to take into account the price of the apartment - as already mentioned, the dump may be "rogue" builders. A can and quite reliable company. After all low cost flats can be connected with the unfavorable position of the object, and low quality construction materials used. For example, in the capital, there are a number of objects that look like "social housing", that is, if designed "for the needs of the city." Such constructions are usually located on the outskirts - on Osokorki, Poznyak and Troyeschina. The developer is either Kyivmiskbud or the associated PSG "Kovalskaya. Typically, there are flats priced at $ 1,1-1,2 thousand for a "square" for sale in homes that have not yet been put into operation.

Also, relatively low cost of apartments may be associated with stocks and discounts offered by construction companies. Usually in this case the price falls to 5-10% per meter square. But even if the company makes no representation about the discount, you can always come and ask for the discount - in case of a one-time payment for the whole of the price of the company agree to throw down 10%.


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