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08.10.2010 16:48
Consulting Company RealEkspo conducted the study 110 built and constructed new buildings in the Kiev region, which is currently being sold.<br />According to the company "RealEkspo, the largest number of new buildings located in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area (29), in second place Boryspil district with 20 new buildings, and in third place Irpen with 16 new buildings.<br /><br />According to the director of "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, the average cost of the "square" in new Kiev region as of October 1, equal to 926 dollars.<br />The minimum cost of a "square" is 618 dollars in Borodyanka, and the maximum - $ 2000 per complex Stugna.<br /><br />CEO Victor Kovalenko said: "In compiling the list, we relied on data portal-of-town and foreign real estate www.zagorodna.com, meet the requirements of the rating. Currently based in suburban newly Portal has 354 objects. Construction of 25 new buildings suspended.<br /><br />The main criterion in selecting a minimum cost of 1 sq.m of housing and apartment area.<br /><br /><strong>Top 5 cheap new construction of the Kiev region</strong><br /><strong>Construction sites.</strong><br />The cheapest square meters in new buildings of Kyiv region is the new building, located in Borodyanka on the street. October 5 (618 U.S. $ / sq ft). Here are offered for sale 1-2k. apartments of 38-76 sqm<br />Second place in the occupied new building, located in Boguslav on the street. Komsomol (625 loll. / m). It proposes to sell one-bedroom apartments ranging from 41 to 78 sq.m.<br />Third place in the ranking has taken new building in Bucha on the street. Central to the cost of $ 650 per sqm. In it you can buy 1-5k. apartments from 44 to 123 sq.m.<br />Fourth place in the rating allocated new building, located in Boryspil on the street. Kiev Way. It offers 1-3k. apartments with the cost of the "square" 696 dollars.<br />Fifth place in the ranking took a house in Irpen on the street. Poltava with the value "square" 712 dollars.<br /><br /><strong>Constructed facilities.</strong><br />First place among the new buildings constructed at a cost of experts gave a new building on the street. Kagarlyk of thieves in the cost of $ 625 per sqm. In the newly proposed 02/01 KV apartments from 35 to 63 sq.m<br />Second place was shared by two new buildings on the street. Ukrainian in Irpen and ul.Gvardeyskoy in with. Shevchenkovo Brovarsky area. They offered a 3-bedroom apartments from 25 to 70 sq ft worth of the "square" $ 650.<br />Third place at the new buildings on the street. Lenin with. Lyubartsev Borispol district with the cost of $ 733 per sqm. It offers apartments from 11 to 33 sq.m.<br />Fourth place in the ranking takes new building on the street. Pushkin Boyarka. In it you can buy 1-3-room apartments with area ranging from 52 to 117 sq ft cost $ 750 per sqm<br />The fifth stage of the rating newly constructed house went on the street. Factory in Nemeshaevo. It sold apartments from 54 to 82 sq.m worth $ 800 / m<br /><br />Conclusions: According to Victor Kovalenko, "The cheapest new buildings are located in more remote areas of the Kiev Oblast (Borodyansky, Boguslavsky, Kagarlykskom).<br />Most accessible by the meter is a 1-bedroom apartment area of 11 sq ft in new building, located in sec. Lyubartsev Borispol district.<br />The minimum cost of a "square" in architecture and building under construction do not differ much among themselves. "<br />View and purchase new buildings, you can by clicking the link<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com/ru/novostrojki-prigoroda/filter-region-11">https://www.zagorodna.com/ru/novostrojki-prigoroda/filter-region-11/</a><br /><br />Victor Kovalenko<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com">www.zagorodna.com</a><br />© Protected by Law "On Copyright". Copying is allowed only with an active link to the source.<br />
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