Raiffeisenbank offers another form of payment on the mortgage - credit

16.02.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | Raiffeisenbank offers another form of payment on the mortgage - credit Raiffeisen Bank offers customers a new form of payment on the mortgage - covered with an irrevocable letter of credit.

Cash borrower deposited in a special account of the Bank for subsequent transfer to the seller only if all the conditions of the transaction. The seller gets the money after the transfer of the property of the borrower. After opening the letter of credit the borrower does not have access to the money.

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The letter of credit is opened for any term (up to 180 days), which may be extended for the joint decision of the borrower and the seller. If the term of credit has expired and was not renewed, and the ownership of the property is not transferred to the borrower, then the funds are returned to the borrower's account. Opening commission from 1,5 thousand rubles. to 15 thousand rubles. depending on the amount of the credit.

"Using the Letter of Credit covered as settlement of transactions in real estate gives our customers the opportunity to perform safe and guaranteed payments when buying an apartment or house. This kind of calculation is particularly relevant when buying property from entities "- said a board member of Raiffeisenbank, Head of Directorate services to individuals Andrey Stepanenko.

Customers can still use the standard scheme of calculations using the safe deposit box, the press office of Raiffeisenbank.

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