Raiffeisen Bank Aval will issue mortgages on new

07.09.2010 18:28
Articles about real estate | Raiffeisen Bank Aval will issue mortgages on new Raiffeisen Bank Aval to resume mortgage lending to individuals in early 2011. As the correspondent zagorodna.com, stated by the Director of the Department of products and marketing for private clients of Raiffeisen Bank Aval Eugene Demyanov during the round table in the UCA, which took place on Tuesday.
"... We plan to resume mortgage loans to individuals by early next year "- said Demyanov.
According to him, one of the conditions of the resumption of the mortgage is to reduce its cost. Raiffeisen Bank Aval think that is an acceptable amount of such loans at 18% annually in local and below.
The second prerequisite for the start of mortgage lending, according to a banker, is the condition and quality of its loan portfolio.

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"That was before, no longer requires a professional approach, the new standards."
Mr Demyanov said that the banking system should make the lessons to provide a loan before the crisis, not to have any problems with the assets, faced by banks today.
Victor Kovalenko
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