Quarter of millionaires in the center of Kiev remains empty

15.12.2013 00:45
Articles about real estate | Quarter of millionaires in the center of Kiev remains empty British journalists of the newspapers The Guardian and The Daily Mail have found indications of ongoing financial recession in an empty elite district, located in the center of Kiev. District Vozdviz in Kiev was built in an old tract Potters Kozhumyaki where once stood craft shop . New luxury home built in the style of the quarter of the XIX century . Mansions and townhouses for Ukrainian millionaires remain empty for years , writes the British media . And the locals call the area Vozdvizhenka " ghost town " or " dead project." This stems from the economic crisis and the mistakes in the construction of many buildings.

The idea of ​​building block for millionaires appeared in Kiev in 2002 . More than ten years ago, there were plans to build small houses in European style. At the center of this area was to be located in Europe. But over time, the investor and the project lost and was not implemented .

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In 2005, the rights to the land passed to the company " Kyivmiskbud- 1" , which is scheduled to surrender the district at the beginning of 2007. But because of the complexities of communication with seal renting houses was moved . In 2008, when the economic crisis struck , the demand for luxury housing in Kiev has fallen sharply . As a result , sold Vozdvizhenka was only a fifth of the houses , and most of the buildings are empty and to this day, writes The Guardian. Under the new beautiful streets sometimes stroll guests and residents of Kiev , but few people want to buy property in these luxurious homes. Investors who purchased an apartment here before the crisis , have lost their money, because the cost of housing here has fallen by almost two times , said The Daily Mail.

According to the deputy chief of The Guardian "Kyivmiskbud -1 " Taras Zyabkin , the owners have 250 apartments . The company expects to sell the remaining 150 apartments by the end of 2014. "Absence of Life" Vozdvizhenka Taras Zyabkin British journalists explained that many apartment owners live abroad and bought them as an investment.
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