Quality projects in Ukraine will appear for 5 years

17.02.2018 00:00
Articles about real estate | Quality projects in Ukraine will appear for 5 years The active growth of the number of quality architectural projects at the modern European level in Ukraine will begin within 5 years. This was said by the Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Lev Partskhaladze.

"The Soviet Union was a closed state, leaving a certain cultural heritage and experience, which bears its imprint on the development of architecture in Ukraine. Now the quality of the army of new architects grows, they are cultivated in the profession. There are already quality architectural projects. They will be much larger and active development at the modern European level will begin within 5 years. But such progress in the architectural sphere requires modern approaches, in particular, it is necessary to significantly increase the level of profile training and education, "he said.

According to Partskhaladze, now the work of architects in Ukraine is very underestimated, the level of wages is low.
"If you compare the cost of design with European prices, then they are 10 or even 20 times cheaper. This, in turn, affects the quality of architecture, "he said.

According to him, the development of modern architecture begins with commercial real estate, and only after that extends to the social and infrastructure architecture.

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