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<em>As at 30 June 2010 according to the company "RealEkspo in Vyshgorod area there are 19 cottage townships: 3 projected, 10 under construction, 6 built.<br />By number of settlements, Vyshgorodsky District covers 6,81% of the total market of cottage townships, Kyiv region.<br />In 5 towns construction suspended, which represents 38.46% of the total number under construction and planned towns in the area and 6% of the total number of frozen towns Kiev region.<br />The minimum cost of 1 sq.m -800 dollars<br />The maximum value of 1 sq.m -2500 dollars<br />Average price of 1 sq.m -1245 dollars. Compared with the beginning of 2010 the cost in the region grew by 2,8%.<br />The predominant type in the cottage are the cottages Vyshgorodskiy areas (13 townships), 1 villa and 5 townhouses (built).<br />By number of towns, compared with the beginning of the year remains unchanged.<br />Falling prices occurred since the beginning of the year in the cottage "European", "The Aviator", "Vyshgorodska Gate".</em><br />Transport accessibility in this area is characterized by a two-lane highway Kiev - Liutizh and difficult access to the center of Kiev. However, the completion of construction of the bridge that connects the district with Obolonskyi Rybalskyi island and st. Naberezhno-Kreshchatitskaya significantly increase the attractiveness of this trend and reduce the message existing in the area of cottage townships with the center of Kiev to 20 minutes. Main population centers of the region is Vyshhorod. In the area of the Kiev reservoir there are plenty of tourist restaurants and hotels.<br />Despite the geographical proximity to Chernobyl, more demand for good land Vyshgorod region - it accounts for 7% of all trade settlements. With beautiful scenery, proximity to the city of Kiev and the Kiev reservoir, the presence of a sufficiently large number of rivers and forests, the area in recent years is of particular interest to investors.<br />In this direction are currently being constructed such cottage villages: "Borovik", "Riviera Villas", "Europe", Swiss Village "," The Aviator "," Primorsk ". Campus "Ol'zhycha" townhouses "Didovitsa", "Old Garden" and "The Goat spin" built. In the cottage "Vyshgorodska Brahma", "Demydove" Town in Zhukin "," Country Comfort "," Iasnogorodski Polyana "," Cozy "construction frozen.<br />Correspondent portal zagorodna.com asked to comment on the situation on the market of cottage townships Vyshgorodskiy region Adviser General Director of development company "Profit Group» (profitgroup.com) Igor ZINCHUK:<br />-Igor, I ask you, as a specialist with experience (in the market since 2006), describe the cottage towns Vyshgorodskiy region.<br />"I know the real picture is not by hearsay. The fact that the developer "Profit Group is a developer and implementer of the concept of club being built cottage village business class" Borovik ", located 15 kilometers from Kiev with. Novoselki directly in the coniferous forest. On the territory of 7.6 hectares is planned to build 41 cottage area up to 275 sq ft with adjacent land from 9 to 26 hectare.<br />Good ecology, the presence of forests and rivers, paved roads, infrastructure, transport availability, permitting, and expertise, give me the right to say that our town is the market leader cottage townships Vyshgorodskiy region in the business segment.<br />Currently, built and commissioned the first phase of 18 homes, 6 of which are sold.<br />-Please Describe the supply and demand in the segment of cottage townships.<br />- The economic crisis has dealt a significant blow to the real estate market, including suburban cottage settlements.<br />The market surged a large number of different proposals, both qualitative and not, as legitimate, and not quite legitimate.<br />Buyer difficult to navigate in such a mass and choose the desired object to it. Yes, and our buyer is not quite yet reached the concept of "cottage community" in its present sense. This is not a caravan in a garden co-op and not a house in the village. But these stereotypes are embodied in the minds even in Soviet times, often influence the decision on the acquisition of suburban real estate.<br />The buyer should be aware that by purchasing land or a house in the cottage, he gets high-quality property for permanent conservation area, with a service territory of the town organization, with the presence of store, restaurant, tennis courts, parking, dry cleaning, clinic, pharmacy, mini-hotel , children's and sports grounds.<br />Now I mean our little town, but these figures differ from the usual high quality townships dacha.<br />-Igor, as did the crisis affect the market a country cottage and the construction of your forecasts for market development.<br />-Minimized mortgage lending crisis in the construction and fishery products in the economy as a whole impact on the construction of cottage townships.<br />No loans made to freeze the construction or reject all of the construction of cottage townships about half of the companies of the Kiev region.<br />This spring, we saw interest in buying homes in the cottage on the number of calls and hits. 'Woke up' demand for rental cottages in the cottage.<br />If the banks go back to the mortgage and reduce interest rates, buyers can once again look into a segment of country cottages.<br />In my opinion, there is now interest in the cottages in the cottage, located in the 20-kilometer zone from the border of Kiev. Demand will be an area of 120-160 sq ft home, located on plots 10-15 hectare to the cost of 1,000 dollars per square meter.<br />Should take into account the number of floors (2 floors), a single architectural style, square houses (120 sq ft), the concept of building, the surrounding landscape.<br />Start building recommend to supply communications, plotting quality of roads and infrastructure construction.<br />-How do you think of the new modern materials and technology frame-panel housing?<br />-Total - positively. Just the mentality of our citizens do not always allow them to properly assess the situation, and lack of experience of domestic construction companies deterred prospective buyers.<br />-Igor, is it possible price declines in construction and designed cottage communities?<br />Yes, probably. At the cost of construction today affects bureaucracy authorities, licensing authorities.<br />For example, the change-approval of master plan, project, getting a building permit, all kinds of expertise seriously affect the construction cost. Their size sometimes reaches 100% in the mortgaged value of 1 square meter of finished property.<br />-Thanks for the interview. I wish you success in the promotion and implementation of your cottage town.<br /><strong>Viktor Kovalenko<br />zagorodna.com</strong><br />
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