Purchase of the family nest by the rules

01.10.2010 10:43
Articles about real estate | Purchase of the family nest by the rules Family nest - this is not the dream of the average layman, who has already made a career, earn money and start a family?

Of course, the concept of the family nest is often associated with the house outside the city, in a quiet corner of nature to the evenings to sit on the rays of sunset-drenched porch, drinking tea with jam, surrounded by cherished people who wrote tomorrow.

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Meanwhile, the suburban real estate today - not a luxury. Especially now, when many banks lend to real estate, more and more people have the opportunity to realize their dreams.

Currently, dynamically developing construction of cottage settlements. It is accompanied by rapid development of suburban infrastructure. Around these towns are no longer an empty field: there is everything you need for a fulfilling life - shops, restaurants and cafes, playgrounds and entertainment centers. Many potential buyers scared remoteness of such facilities from the city.

But now virtually every middle class family has a car, or even two, and movement in general is not a problem. In addition, competition among transport companies make to create new and new transport routes to the developing suburban areas. Thus, one can safely buy favorite site for the construction of the cottage, even if the surrounding infrastructure is still undeveloped, and the object sufficiently distant from the city.

According to the estimates of leading experts, the market suburban housing in Ukraine is the most promising. Observed processes of secondary migration and maintenance of classes to the suburbs. This entails a fierce competition among companies offering suburban housing.

This situation is not as beneficial for consumers as well as improving the quality of proposed projects and the choice becomes more diverse. A similar trend gives the right to assume that the demand for houses, mansions and country houses in Ukraine will grow. It is not hard to guess that a house built out of town today, can become a profitable investment.

As profitable to buy land

In the current crisis can be seen different proposals. It could be agricultural land for $ 200-500 for a hundred. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that the renewal of land use can lead to higher prices.

It is also possible to find affordable land in suburban villages. Among developers kottedzhngo construction also tends to sale of land. Thus, the plot on which construction is expected in the future, cottage, you can buy for $ 500 for a hundred. However, there is a question of land without communications.
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