Pugacheva quarreled with Leontiev for cottages

10.02.2016 00:45
Articles about real estate | Pugacheva quarreled with Leontiev for cottages Russian pop star Alla Pugacheva and Valery Leontiev has long been good friends. And, as it became known internet portal "Dni.ru" their friendship came to an end. Pugachev could not forgive Leontiev that he went to live in Miami (USA), sold "for pennies" country house, in which, as it turned out, several seasons filmed New Year's TV show "Christmas meetings" with Alla Borisovna.

House in a Moscow Valentinovka Valery and his wife Lucy bought more than 20 years ago. Then the village was considered very prestigious. Leontiev long equip cottage: personally nailed shelves, cabinets and even forged a planted potatoes. Since 1994, the singer began to let friends Alla to shoot her "Christmas meetings".

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When in 2010 the singer decided to leave Russia, he quickly sold all his possessions. In particular, Leontiev got rid of the three-storey apartment area of ​​around 200 square meters. meters in the area of ​​Chistye Prudy, in Kolokol'nikova lane. Leontiev also got rid of his things and concert costumes - he burned them in the garden.

I found the owner and giving the singer. That was for her only about 10 thousand dollars. According to Leontyev diva "betrayed the most sacred - friendship." Pugacheva said that Valery had to give her the cottage as "house reminds her of her youth." Alla passed through friends: "The only person whom you had the right to sell the cottage, I was!"
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