Pugacheva moved into Galkin

29.08.2010 00:00
Articles about real estate | Pugacheva moved into the palace Maxim Galkin Maxim Galkin told how he earned his real millions and built a fabulous palace in the village of "Dirt."

"Like any child growing up in the Soviet Union and not knowing anything other than a standard apartment, I dreamed of a palace. While I am still very lucky: the apartment was so little, and my father had a service cottage. But I always dreamed of something fantastic. This dream prince on a white horse - to have more and Castle, where the horse can be tied to the room and go through. Second was the need for a country house. Third, boring build a normal house. I like the medieval Gothic. It was built more than five years. Thoughts about that impress all were, but not in the first place. The main thing - to please yourself. I have not moved, but just about going.

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A move to his castle Maxim Galkin going along with the muse - Alla Pugacheva. And how to recognize a showman in his interview to "Trud", they just will not be bored alone in such a large space. The most important thing for him, this feeling of happiness every day: "You know, for happiness must be one, the main thing - the feeling that there is enough. I have it there, and thank God. Unlucky man who always looks for what's missing. The ability to enjoy every day, find joy in it - this is happiness. Looking at lived through the day, I say: what a happy day, like all good! Because I know that life happens in a different way. "
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