Widespread publicity stunts suburban real estate market

03.03.2014 00:15
Articles about real estate | Publicity stunts suburban real estate market Stagnation, bound suburban real estate market, forcing sellers of land and cottages to resort to persistent and often misleading advertising. Experts of the company "RealEkspo" analyzed the most common in this segment marketing ploy and ranked them by frequency of use. About the most common gimmick oriented suburban real estate buyers , says Victor Kovalenko , director of " RealEkspo ."


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Promotional price manipulation - the most popular trick of marketers who are not averse to about 70% of the suburban real estate market operators . Developers and realtors promise buyers comfortable suburban home at fantastic low price, which is often comparable to the cost of the car of the middle class . Such a perspective , of course, attracts residents , many of whom dream of his own country residence . As a rule, advertising billboards and banners are shown on the background of happy settlers spacious cottages amidst green lawns. However, the reality often turns out that the statement in the advertisement price covers only the cost of the short-lived and compact frame house , while the cost of land and utilities accounted for separately .

infrastructure mirages

Sellers of land often attract buyers not only dumping prices , but also the infrastructure available options. - For example, the opportunity for a small additional fee to obtain a comprehensive set of utilities benefits : sewer , water, electricity, gas . In 56% of the study investigated advertisements developers somehow emphasized the main buyers in the vicinity of power lines , pipelines , etc. However, in practice, to connect to the communications that are within walking distance , it is impossible , either real infrastructure costs several times higher than stated in the advertising rates . Moreover, every second contract with the buyers of land contains a clause of force majeure , which are one of the acts or omissions of public officials. That is, failure to obtain permits for settlement of utilities will be considered force majeure removes all liability from the seller site.

attractive decor

Many sellers of country houses - both the primary and secondary market - trying to attract potential buyers pictures of beautiful interiors , using them in advertising. Such advertising course uses about 35% of developers and almost 90% of individuals who place ads suburban real estate . However , as revealed in the study , 6 of the 10 cases of " krasÓty " in the pictures did not match what was revealed before the eyes of buyers. Many sellers at the first contact stated that the house is in excellent condition and needs repair , but upon closer examination it turned out that redecorating called to hide design flaws buildings are easy to detect a professional expert.

environmental illusion

Recently, some developers have relied on the construction of prefabricated houses on the western patterns. The share of such options accounted for about 40 % of the proposals of suburban housing . Typically, these homes are presented as an ultra eco-friendly housing that meets the highest European standards. Specificity of suburban real estate market is that buyers poorly versed in technology, alternative classic brick construction. Developers use this ignorance and substitute concepts. For example, 40% of wood-frame houses were called , who actually built from SIPs panels (EPS, sewn into the particle board ) . Meanwhile, experts explain , the difference is that the frame house in the supporting structure is of timber frame and SIP- panel cottage rests on the walls of sandwich panels . Such buildings are less durable and environmentally friendly.
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