Protests did not affect the quantity and price of the property

24.01.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate | Protests did not affect the quantity and price of the property Protests in Kiev did not affect the growth of luxury real estate deals in the government quarter, reported polled by "Interfax-Ukraine" experts. " Luxury real estate - it's a serious asset. From him not disposed of in a hurry and at a discounted price . People with such assets , are able to maintain composure and sanity in financial matters . Nobody " throws " apartments on the market at a reduced price . Luxury real estate market - one of the most stable real estate market segments , so talk about how he responds to the protests do not correspond to reality, " - reported in" The First realty group "(First Realty Group, Kiev) .

Marketing specialist at the consulting company "SV Development" Sergey Kostecki said that currently the real estate market of Ukraine and Kiev observed lull.

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" The number of people willing to either buy or sell , it is decreased. Here it is impossible to say for sure what it is more to do : with the law, protest actions or holidays ," - he said.

However S.Kostetsky noted that the elite real estate transactions are rare and account for only 5 % of the total. " Now there is also complete silence , no one offers ," - said the expert.
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