Prospects for the development of land market

03.04.2011 16:26
Articles about real estate | Prospects for the development of land market After the abolition of the moratorium on land sales will benefit those who have on the land have already been constructed some buildings and connected to communications. This was told the president of the Union of Professional Real Estate Oleksandr Rubanov in an exclusive interview with UBR.

UBR: What will happen with the agricultural land, which according to different schemes has been given for construction?

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OR: Something that has been derived, something still remains under agricultural use. In my opinion, we returned to the situation of the early 90's, when the land idle, virtually no processed, they did not build anything. And the prices we are probably close to the situation 95-97 years.

UBR: How different are today's land prices to those that were before the crisis?

OR: Depending on the direction of 30-50-kilometer zone of Kiev cost ranged from 2-3 thousand to 6-7 thousand dollars for the one hundredth. It is already translated for building land. A land that has not yet been translated - the order of 1, 5-3 thousands of dollars. Today, their price is 200 - 300 dollars, in rare cases - $ 500 per hundred square meters. And shoppers in the queue do not get.

UBR: There are big companies, major structures, which in this market "warmed his hands." They bought land for himself for money of private individual investors. People were expecting growth of their investments, but this did not happen. To count on these people?

OR: Those who before the crisis had to equip this site to translate it for cottage construction, or for logistics - provided the site is located near Kiev, and has convenient traffic interchange - who managed to bring the communications, electricity - they can sell such site in the future. There is a high probability that this site will find a buyer. But for those land parcels that are left untranslated, the only thing that can be repaired - it is to sow wheat there, or grow potatoes.

UBR: And that there is no chance to sell this site?

OR: At least until the abolition of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land ...

UBR: And what happens after will lift the ban on the sale of agricultural land? After all, the market will come a large amount of land holdings, and this number will put pressure on the market for building land.

OP: That's why such a hurry to lift the moratorium on land sales. Maybe we have nothing to repay its obligations on external debt. There was only the land, black soil.

UBR: What predictions can be made in the near future on the land market? Prices will definitely lie?

OP: I think it will still collapse, and in this situation are the people who are interested will buy this land.

UBR: In any case, those who privately bought a 10 hectare in the hope that they bought for a thousand, and sold for half or two, today do not have any prospects? Maybe better to start construction, if possible?

OR: We have seen a situation where the interests of the parts is not greater than 10-20 hectare in the price range of 50 to 150 thousand dollars for a hundred. And if in this area there is some sort of structure - he is in demand.

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