Prosecutor General's Office sued 67 hectares of land in Kyiv

04.04.2011 12:00
Articles about real estate | Prosecutor General The Court invalidated the decision of city council, on which the cooperative transport worker "was given gratuitously 67.5 hectares of land reserve fund in Goloseyevsky area. This decision was adopted by city council on controversial meeting on 1 October 2007.

At the suit of the General Prosecutor's Office Court returned to the State land nature reserve in Kiev, says Case.

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The Economic Court of Kiev April 1, 2011 satisfied the claim of the General Prosecutor's Office to invalidate the decision of the Kiev city council, on which the cooperative transport worker "were handed over free of charge to private property for housing from the natural reserve fund land area of ??over 67.5 hectares.

According to the results of the Prosecutor General's audit found numerous violations of the requirements of current legislation in obtaining a private property in 2007 indicated a cooperative land located in Goloseyevsky district of the capital, over a total area of ??67.5 hectares.

Thus, the decision of city council on October 1, 2007 contrary to the requirements of the Land Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On the nature reserve fund of Ukraine and the Housing Code gratuitously transferred to private ownership of land specified by the cooperative nature reserve fund for housing construction. In this case, the founders of the cooperative were 4 individuals who did not need to improve housing conditions, said the Prosecutor General's Office.

Given the violation of the law committed in the provision of land and the creation of such a cooperative, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in Kiev Commercial Court lawsuit was filed for annulment of the decision of the Kiev city council and the invalidation of state acts on the ownership of these land area of ??over 67.5 ha, which is April 1, 2011 the Commercial Court is satisfied in full.

The most scandalous city council session
Recall, October 1, 2007, held a regular meeting session of city council. This meeting can be named a record - on the agenda included about 700 questions, two-thirds of them were land, and the majority of these MPs have ruled for four hours. In some cases, the city council secretary Oles Dovgy not even had time to read the question as MPs have already voted in favor.

Deputies of BYuT, Party of Regions and groups Klitschko refused to take part in the voting and city council work session and tried to block the rostrum in the session hall.

Later Dovgy called this meeting "a victory for common sense." Vitali Klitschko said then that the city council has distributed to 3 thousand hectares of Kyiv land.

Later, in April 2008, Shevchenko district court imposed a ban on the implementation of decisions of city council, adopted at the session on Oct. 1, 2007, to ensure that the claim block chairman of the faction of his name in the Kyiv City Council Vitali Klitschko.

Klitschko said that on Oct. 1, 2007 in Kiev had been stolen more than 4% of the city.

In January 2008 the Main Department of Internal Affairs Kyiv instituted criminal proceedings for fraud by officials of the Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA) in allocation of land in the territory of Kiev. According to Head Public Relations Center of the Main Department of Internal Affairs in Kiev, Vladimir Polishchuk, documents, based on which have been allocated plots of land were forged.


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