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21.10.2010 19:50
Articles about real estate | Pros and cons samostroya Explore the construction business for several years, becoming a foreman, on the forces is not for everyone who wants to have a vacation home. On what could be saved during construction, for which he would have to overpay and at some kilometers from Kiev for the same money you can find a ready home in the cottage, finds columnist for Money 'Eugene Dmitriev.

Realtors predict almost doubling the cost of suburban land for the year. And, oddly enough, the farther away from the capital, the greater the yield investments. "The rise in land prices in the coming years will be from 30% to 100% per year. Change in the value of land depends on the direction and distance from Moscow. In this case, the closer to the capital, the less growth", - said Head of Department sales of the investment department in suburban construction corporation "Best Real Estate Andrew Yalovenko. Thus, if the budget for the construction of suburban homes is limited, conclusion is trivial: refer to distant lands near Moscow and directories for the construction and home improvements.

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Regardless of the price category that should include the future home, the question of whether to buy a ready-made home or build it yourself, depends on the weight of various factors. With self-construction occurs a lot of problems - temporary, psychological and financial. "If there is an opportunity to move on and do just building your own home or you are sure you have selected builders to 100%, it is better to build a house", - said Andrei Yalovenko.

When people build their own house, he, of course, tends to reduce the price process. However, taking such a decision must be understood that the whole year will have almost daily to come on the scene and monitor the work: to address the issue of their stay, to guide the process, keep track of what materials they use, etc. "As a result, savings be about 30%. That is, if the cost of home $ 1 million, then build it yourself is cheaper by $ 300 thousand, if the value of a home $ 100 thousand, it will save $ 30 thousand, "- says deputy director of Miel - Residential Real Estate "Vladimir Yakhontov. "I would have cautioned against thinking that all builders build without your involvement - he adds .-- I know from my own experience of building that we must be prepared to spend a considerable amount of effort and nerves. I'll have to thoroughly prepare, read professional literature, consult knowledgeable people. In essence, it comes to purchasing a new specialty. Everyone will need to deal with myself, from material selection and finishing with the rules of fire safety and conflict with neighbors. "

In addition, you have to overcome significant difficulties associated with obtaining permits for construction, supply of utilities and many others. "Business and work gradually recede into the background: solution of the problem with connecting to the sewerage and water supply, if they exist, or permit the installation of a septic tank with sewage facilities (septic tanks are prohibited) will be taken more time than you planned. And yet to bore, to receive the technical conditions for electricity ... the draft Order of heating system, mount it, to invite experts "Mosgaz" test system and permission to connect to gas - is only the beginning. Needless connection is possible only after entering the house in operation "- says the head of cabin country real estate" Residence "company" Inkom-real estate "Anton Arkhipov.

"If a man versed in the intricacies of building a country has the administrative resources in the area of development, has access to the suppliers of building materials and, most importantly, has a time and a large supply of nerves, it can safely be taken for self-construction home" - is confident head of the country real estate MIAN - real estate agency "Svetlana Kondachkova.

Start digging a hole under the foundation or in the first place to do something else, will depend on what a site was chosen for construction. If the land is located next to a river or lake, but the impressive distance not only from Moscow but also in any other locality, the benefit of cheapness ares come to naught because of problems with the tabulation of communications. "To build a house you can buy a large plot, but far enough (60-100 km) away from Moscow, for example, 50-200 hectare (and more) at a price of $ 100 to $ 600 per hundred square meters. It can be eastward Kashirskoye, Simferopol Volokolamskoye or Yaroslavl. The most serious problems arise with utilities: electricity, gas. Rather, it is necessary to provide for themselves independently, "- says Andrew Yalovenko.

Another thing - it is designed Gardening Association, where similar problems are solved collectively. "The plot in the village or garden community, which in the Moscow region is sufficient for $ 700-2000 for a hundred (at a distance of 40-70 km) can be obtained from an abandoned house. You can also buy land from entrepreneurs who have bought a large plot and" cut "at small pieces, there are usually organized yard partnership or dacha non-commercial partnership. Then the new owners of independently organize its further construction ", - says Andrey Yalovenko. According to Vladimir blue, a large proportion of land supply for the Moscow area falls exactly on the horticultural associations and private land owners. "Yet the main problem when considering the proposals in such places - is the lack of a complete set of communications with the agreed capacity," - he says.

Connection cost of communications to the home will depend on the equipment, the district and the relationship with the head of the area. As calculated in the real estate agency "Domostroy, the purchase of 10 hectare of land at a distance of more than 60 km from Moscow will cost $ 10-15 thousand, but it's only about 10-15% of the cost of the project. Another 15-25% are costs associated with the development of project documentation and approvals. The amount depends on the location of the plot, and the cost of the project documentation on the house starts at $ 3 thousand supply of electricity and other utilities - the most costly part. For example, a gas connection (provided that he passes along the border area) would require about $ 4-6 thousand if you want to be in the house plumbing, you need to make an additional $ 4-6 thousand, and it is only for drilling wells, excluding the cost of pump and other equipment. The very construction of the house from a bar costs about $ 40 thousand depending on the thickness of lumber, wood quality, and whether to additional wall insulation.

Of course, these expenses are distributed over several years. But time and moral costs may make to reflect the acquisition of land in the cottage, however, there is the weaving of land is more expensive than in the horticultural associations. "If we talk about cottage communities, in most cases, the price of land in a newly built settlement price exceeds the analogous site in the free market in this location by 20-50%. As a rule, is inflated price is justified, because in addition to infrastructure cottage village at the site are concerted communication power ", - said Vladimir Yakhontov. Agree with him Svetlana Kondachkova: Housing estates on the status of assessed much higher than the garden association. We take into account the purpose of the land (IZHS), and the availability of a package of communications usually includes main gas and organized system of protection with a functioning service department of the village . Accordingly, the cost of one hundred square meters of land on average, differ by 30%. horticultural associations land is cheaper. The difference in some variants may be much higher. "

There are large cottage settlements located on lands dacha. In this case, a different legal status of the land does not affect its price - the weave in the cottage and garden community will cost about the same. "For example, in Nemchinovka a dacha, where the land value does not differ from the price in a cottage village: the dimensions are the same areas - on 12-15 acres located cottages, not garden cottages. However, in the classic sense of a garden community land is divided into sections six acres, which are garden cottages, and a cottage village on the size of 12-15 hectare plots located cottages. Then, of course, rising prices for land in horticultural associations below - sometimes the difference in two or three times "- Vladimir says Yakhontov. When buying a plot organized by the village without work contract (without a home) is important, that will not have to get agreement on communication and organize the construction process. Thus, buying land in the village, you can bypass the first stage, which implies the arrangement of the site for central communications, and came immediately to the second - the choice of the project at home.

There arises the following problem - the development of project documentation. Often, prospective homeowners is not entirely accurate picture of where, what and how you can build. The first of which need to leave - is from the famous introduction: "What should we build a house? Draw - we shall live." Draw a house and its design - things are completely different. Many of the projects presented on the pages of magazines, sometimes acceptable only in France or Brazil, and is not intended for our climate latitudes. Warn worth of ready-made buildings, which can be downloaded from the internet without a detailed description of methods of erection. In this case, ignoring or failing to comply SNiPs (building codes) is guaranteed to lead to problems, figuratively speaking, "enshrined" in the house with the foundation. Each section of the project should be calculated. For example, surveyors, given the terrain, to calculate the strength of the foundation. The same applies to electricity, water and heat supply, sanitation, ventilation, and more.

Although the house - the future of private property, its design must be harmonized. Not least because you can start digging the foundation pit and damage the phone cable, for example. Or by laying sewers, crashing into the water supply network. Even with the traffic police to be reconciled, if the house is not far from the road. According SNiPs, the house should be located no closer than 50 yards from a road. After registration of the design documentation necessary to obtain a building permit and connection to utilities.

All these stages can pass on their own, but it is reasonable to entrust the work of a specialized company. For example, you can hire a contractor who will provide a variety of design projects of houses: Alpine style, baroque, classical or modern. Projects of cottages for larger families, villas and cottages for multiple hosts, etc. The same contractor will bring to your site and building material itself, "gather" the house. You can order the house of beams, logs, from the panels. A frame-and-panel house builders can deliver in less than a week.

In this case, the firm can, for a fee to take on all work stages from design to color selection switches in the house. Companies involved in design and assembly houses, quite a lot. Through the Internet you can find hundreds of such organizations. The project cost will depend on many factors, such as material, the area of the house, ordered the volume of work, etc. However, the company expects the project estimated cost of the house, which will include not only the costs for construction work, but the cost of all materials.

The whole cycle from design to assembly can cost anywhere from $ 36 thousand to several million dollars. "The first cost, if there are no problems with communication - the foundation - where some $ 20 thousand Here, too, have the opportunity to save: if, for example, build a shield house, you can get a light foundation. In principle, if the building is not going beyond the usual needs of the house for finishing, it will cost somewhere in the $ 800 per square meters. If you use cheaper technology, will meet the $ 500 per square meters. It does not take into account costs of land, summarizing communications, foundation, installation of windows, - says Vladimir Yakhontov.

Find a home in the secondary market for the same money that will invest in construction, as can be, but it is likely to be a cheap wooden house in suburban co-op. In such a house might be a problem with the plumbing and heating, besides its location and infrastructure are poor. Another thing - the new built villa communities. "The number of organized cottage settlements economy-growing like mushrooms after rain, and things such as water and gas supply, urban drainage, laid in them from the very beginning," - says Anton Arkhipov.

Over the past year on the market outside Moscow real estate really began to appear more and more settlements economy class. For example, in the cottage "Forest breeze" (52 km on the highway Rogachevsky) on sites from 9 to 11 hectare built cottages of 160 square meters. m, any of which can be bought for between $ 135 thousand in the village "Sadko" (42 km from Moscow Egorievsk highway) cottages on 15 acres of land sold for between $ 156 thousand in "Dubrava-2 (35 km to Simferopol highway) for $ 130 thousand you can buy a cottage with 12 hundred square meters of land. At 55 km from Moscow Ring Road in the village of Green Town, you can find homes from 200 square meters. meters of logs and brick cost from $ 170 thousand c plot in 12,5 weave. In the settlement, "Retchitsa" (58 km from Moscow) on plots of 15 hectare, surrounded by forests are home made from sandwich panels with an area of 180 square meters. m and cost from $ 168 thousand in a cottage "Unity" (35 km Simferopol highway) on 10-20 hectare plots with small houses sell for $ 74-148 thousand

On the other hand, if you are ready to continue dacha history of your ancestors, you can go out to buy a ready home in the dacha. Within a radius of 50 km from the capital are formed housing estates where there are water supply, sufficient electrical power, good roads, decent protection, but gas and sewerage in this set is clearly not enter. "True, one of the downsides buying suburban homes - the need to immediately pay the entire cost of homeownership. Another option - drawing the line of credit, but then you immediately condemned the increase in cost due to pay interest. In contrast to the purchase on the secondary market of construction allows you to distribute spending as in the case of independent action, and when buying a home in the cottage - and developers are reluctant to grant installment, "- says Anton Arkhipov.
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